Camper, dog see black creature near Mt Hood file# 13041


Date:July 15, 1997
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Governent Camp
Nearest road:
HWY 35
clear skies
mid morning
Park service road off of hwy 35. if heading north on 35, there is a dirt road about 45 minutes northwest of govt camp. take the dirt road heading west toward an unmarked clearing about 5 miles from the main hwy. from there, hike north about a hundred feet to a small run off creek from mt hood, running down stream east toward hwy 35.


Description of event: As I was washing up in the run off creek, I noticed my dog quickly became startled. I noticed my dog getting up and putting his nose into the wind. I saw him become scared as his hairs on his back raised. Instead of barking or growling, he quickly back tracked never losing sight of what he was tracking. When I looked in the direction he was looking, I realized why he was scared. There was a large creature coming out of the woods about 40-50 yards ahead, downstream and downwind from me. The creature leisurely walked out from the trees and stopped at the river bank. At first, I thought it was a person. Then I looked closer and noticed it was all in black, head to toe. I noticed its big arms covered in a thick black coat and its hands all black as well. By this time my dog was looking extremely concerned. My dog was on edge and acting eratic. Then I caught a glimpse of the creature's profile and noticed his face was all black as well, with sharp features, strong cheek bones and black lips. The creature never turned to look at me, I don't think it even noticed me or my dog. It never looked at us I realized because we were upwind from it. At that point, I wasn't sure what I was looking at, though I knew I had never seen anything like it before. I instinctively ducked below the river bank and calmly and slowly moved away upstream. I signaled my dog to follow, and he instinctively understood.  When I was far enough away, I raised my head up to see if I could still see it. It wasn't where I last spotted it, and that alerted me to leave. I made my way back to camp only a hundred feet further from the stream, and I told my girlfriend what I saw. We both were became startled since we were deep in the woods, far from the main road. We immediately packed up our camp and left the sight within 10 minutes. 

I never thought that what I had seen was a bigfoot. I didn't know what I had seen actually, I couldn't explain it, until we drove into Portland the next night. That night we ate at a local diner, and I picked up the local paper. One of the main stories was in regards to big foot sightings. I read it thinking the topic was of interest, and realized many people had sighted bigfoot around the area where I saw the creature. Also, all the sightings were of an all black creature. This really caught my attention because all my life, I thought bigfoot was brown. That is when I first realized that what I had seen might have been a bigfoot sighting.

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