Family find large prints on their farm. file# 13078


Date:February , 2012
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
cold and rainy
early morning
Nearer Bluff Road, on private property between Orient Drive and Bluff.


Description of event: Two nights in a row, in early March, both my daughter and I had windows slightly cracked open during the night for relief from woodstove heat. First event, I was awoken in the very early morning by an intense smell coming from outside. I only smelled this briefly by the window and then it was gone. I had not told anyone about this, the second event my daughter came out of her room and mentioned the awful smell outside her window, which was around midnight. This window is a high placed window so she could not see out of it but said she thought she heard someone walking out there and the bad smell. Early that morning I went out to the barn to open it up, and at the gate found an impression in the deep mud of a bare footprint. It was barely light out, I carefully opened the barn (was really concerned the footprint owner was around still), then went back to the house got the camera and took this photo. My husband, mother, daughter and son all saw this firsthand and verified it was a barefoot print, you could clearly see toes. There was a solid clump of grass that interfered with the print. It was not an unhuman size but would be large for a human, about 14 inches long, fairly wide. We believe there was another behind it, quite a ways behind it, no retreating prints only forward towards the gate. It had been very cold, frosty most mornings with heavy cold rain and wind. I just could not see a person running around in the dark in our field in that weather,barefooted, it does not make sense. We have small livestock and wondered if who or whatever it was had been attracted by the smell? Looked for more prints, the rest of the ground is solid so no more were found. Admittedly this is not a severely rural area, it is farmland with plenty of homes on land. We are close to the Sandy River Gorge.

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