Resident hears vocals, rocks thrown while fishing file# 13083


Date:October 05, 2012
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Clackamas / Carver
Nearest road:
Hwy 212 / 224
75 ish


Description of event: Fishing with a neighbor and saw a huge object? crossing the river in the shallows where i cross...Effortlessly crossed the river and disappeared into the farm land.

Oct 6th 2012 thing again was across the river and screamed what sounded like a NNNNOOOOOOO and through a big rock / small boulder about 2/3 way over the river. My dog freaked out and would not let me leash him up to get back to the house... object was close to 10' tall and BIG.

This location is considered my back yard. I would like to keep it confidential, I have not seen to many tracks, but there are some good trails cut in the woods.

For the three years I have lived here there is almost every time I go to the river rocks being thrown....and they are thrown from behind me and landing in the water in front of me.

I do use a whoop whoop to control my dog and have heard whoops from both sides off the river.

record updated:2012-10-08 01:14:59