Campers get forced out of their camping spot. file# 13087


Date:October 19, 2012
Tillamook county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Trask River Road
Rain & Sun
early morning
From Tillamook take Hwy 6 to Trask River Road for approx 7.5 miles to Little Lake Tahoe.


Description of event: My daughter & I went deer hunting from October 14, thru October 19, 2012. We put up our tent trailer by Little Lake Tahoe in one of to camp sites. From Monday morning all the way through Saturday late morning we were taunted & harassed by at first one Bigfoot & then later on by about three Bigfoot. On Monday morning at 5:15 am I heard a long loud howl with two gurgles in it & it lasted about 10 seconds. On Tuesday afternoon about 4:30 pm my daughter & I were walking & we went about a quarter mile from out camp site than we heard a long but very low growl we estimate that we were 30-50 feet from it. On Wednesday morning at 6:00 am I heard another howl but this one was different & much closer than the previous one (the first howl was long & at a very high pith.) This one was much more shallow. On Thursday about 4:30 or 5:00 am I heard some thing walking about 30 feet in front of my tent trailer. It was walking in strides by the sound & it was like a stomping. This only lasted a few seconds. (It should be noted that all these roads in the area are very thick gravel logging roads.)
On Friday (today) at 4:33 am I was woke up from my sleep by my tent trailer being pushed off of two of its jacks. The trailer was moved about 6 inches to the front of its original location & the two jacks in the back were not even under the trailer. I Yelled at the creature in a very loud voice several times & I did not get a response. I got my daughter up & she put her shoes on then I checked out the front of the trailer by opening the door window to see if I could see anything & I could not. I yelled some more & no response. So under the cover of 2 rifles & my pistol we got into the truck & headed to the Town of Tillamook until about 9:15 am. Later on today (10-19-12)At 10:06 we we arrived at our campsite & took our tent down. We finished at 11:20 am. After we took most of the tent down & packed most of the stuff into the truck we heard a low whistle. Than a few seconds we heard another low whistle than a few seconds later we heard yet another. They were all from different locations & there were many of them (low whistles)So I hooked up the trailer to the truck in a very nervous manor & we drove off to the town of Tillamook & then headed home. I have been hunting deer, bear & elk in this exact area for the last four years & I have never encountered anything like this before. I spend about 70 or so days a year camping & hiking all throughout Oregon & Washington. These Bigfoot clearly did not want us hear. We were the only people camped on the lake. We had been to this lake several times in the past for day visits only. We wonder if a new clear cut forced them out of their home. About a mile or two away.

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