Camper have multiple experiences and encounters file# 13121


Date:September 29, 2012
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Mckenzie Bridge
Nearest road:
Highway 126


Description of event: On September 29th of 2012 my brother and I invited a few friends to go camping on some private land with us that we usually camp on throughout the summer season. We have always camped at the same location every time and never had any strange things happen. On this trip we invited a friend that did a bunch of exploring of the land during the day time areas way off the beaten path that we normally stay on. A couple hours after it got dark we were sitting around the campfire and heard noises off in the distance (probably 50 yards) We were hearing tree branches breaking that sounded like green fir branches the diameter of a tennis ball being broke on purpose. Three people from the camping group decided to go out and get closer to the noises to investigate, they went out towards the noises and sat in stealth very close to where the noises came from. After they sat in the dark silence for 5 to 6 minutes one person was struck in the side of the head with a dime sized pebble. After the stone throwing the three people got very scared and returned to the camp. We continued to hear the breaking tree, branches snap as the evening went on, everyone decide to stay in camp close to the fire. Eventually everyone went to sleep in their tents. I heard the sounds of large [grapefruit sized] stones being thrown in the forest through the night while I was laying in my tent.

record updated:2012-11-23 00:36:37