Boys have sighting while bicycling near Valsetz file# 13125


Date:October , 1980
Polk county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Mainline & 1400 Line
cloudy occasional breaks
mid morning
Just east of Valsetz on Chicken Coop Rd, an unused, overgrown road that was made when town was formed. If crossing the bridge off of the 1400 line where it connects to the Mainline.


Description of event: While riding our bicycles on the outskirt of town, we took a old side road, but ran into a deep puddle. We stopped there fearing a cold wet muddy trip home if we dared to ride on thru. Suddenly a break in the clouds let a beam of light reach the forest floor in a second growth forest approx. 40 years old which shown on the creature who turned and walked up the ruts in the road that were 8" deep 10" wide & had water flowing down towards us. When it was out of sight we regained the ability of motion. I don't think either of us could have run if it came at us. Never felt danger but the fear was so overwhelming it affected my sleeping habits for years, sneaking into my sister's closet in the middle of the house. The four of us boys shared a room that had a window that was rectangular and at my eye level on the top bunk.

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