Friends fishing encounter "huge tall hairy thing" on path to camp file# 16856


Date:July , 1966
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Rogue River
Nearest road:

late afternoon
On path next to the rogue river.


Description of event: My friend and I had hiked about 2 miles from our camp to do some fishing.we finished fishing and walked up the bank to the trail to head back to camp.the trail was pretty much covered by a canopy of trees but sun was shining through and it was still light enough where visibility was very good.we had just started to hike back when we both heard crunching noises behind us. when we turned to look we both saw this huge tall hairy thing standing half in the trail and kind of next to a tree. it was very tall and covered in hair . it had very long arms and a big just stared at us and started a little swaying motion. we both looked at each other and just started running toward camp.we had never heard of bigfoot at the time so we had no idea what we saw.when we got back home we looked into it and found that we had apparently encountered a bigfoot.

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