Group found a possible BF kill, while out for an evening investigation. file# 16857


Date:March 17, 2013
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Eagle Point
Nearest road:
Worthington Road, Eagle Point-Brownsboro Hwy
Cloudy, cold, calm
Eagle Point,OR east towards Klamath Falls,OR down Brownsboro hwy. Travel a few miles and go up Worthington road to the dead end turn around.


Description of event: 2 friends and myself have a favorite spot we like to go at night and chill, look at stars and just get away from everything. We always joked about there being sasquatches in Oregon and around were we live. But now its getting all to real. We went up there to hang out like we normally do and several times before have gotten out of the car and done sasquatch calls just to see if we hear anything. Never really have before except coyotes. This area we go to is down a dirt/ gravel road to a dead end. Near 2 big game reserves and about 10 miles outside the Eagle Point city. Upon pulling up to our chill spot. We see a dead animals body. Pretty sure it was an Elk. The body had been skinned and gutted. Head and legs ripped off and torn aside. Couldnt find a bullet entry wound. We posted the picture on facebook and our friends agreed it was weird because of hoe much meat was left and several legs still left on the animal. It had been picked apart otherwise. This kill was fresh. No bugs or flies had gotten to it yet. We shined the flash light around trying to see any eyes or anything and got nothing. I also found it extremely weird no crickets or frogs where making noise because there is a small creek about 75ft from where we are parked. We got the crazy idea to do some squatch calls. I did one, and about 7-10 seconds after you could hear a screaming/howl in the distance. Would say maybe a mile or 2 away. Hard to say in between the mountain sides. I did about 5 more and got the same response to this. We could also hear 2 tree knocks. On the last one coyotes howled. That is when we realized that what we were hearing was not a coyote or owl. But something else. The deepness in the howl was weird. And soemthing Ive never heard before. I hear coyotes and Elk and owls all the time. This definitely was NOT any one of those animals. We have been up there several times and have heard weird things and never thought about it. Whoops. Screams. Now is starting to make sense and my friend is starting to believe and says will never return up there with us ever again.

record updated:2013-03-20 03:34:18