Motorist reports "creature" crossing I-5 late at night file# 17374


Date:October , 2013
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Well, it was dark and i was driving and kinda lost, but i recalled a curtain loraine sign for sure nearby sighting withing a mile or less. i think park creek pass was closest or very near sighting.


Description of event: I was lost on a dark night i think there was a town i stopped at(when lost), but i had to turn north, but went the wrong way and headed southbound and there was a turn off in less than a mile... but in reality the nearest next town was 16 miles i think(could be wrong)? anyhow, i was lost and just found my way back north and a turn around and headed north like i was supposed to. note: it was VERY dark and i was driving with Mom and she was lighting i cigarette and all of the sudden my headlights spotted a bipedal creature running diagonally across the hwy 5 south near(park creek pass), and i could not believe what i was seeing!! btw - i would label myself as a skeptic prior to my sighting, but i actually saw this bipedal creature that im guestimating to be maybe 7'10'- 8'4' running at a high rate of speed(about as fast as a cougar)! and it ran from south to north (diagonally), and i damn near clipped it's torso or upper thigh and i kinda had no time to hit the brakes... whatever it was i noted a few tell tale features: no neck, or neck covered with hair, kinda stringy hair, chocolate brown coloration - although it was soo dark i could not get a good look at it. what it was/is? i thought Bigfoot but to be honest i have no clue what it was? tmalss - i know what i saw and it was as real as me standing in a rm telling someone about it all.

record updated:2013-10-15 20:44:26