Man sees hairy, bipedal creature cross the road in front of him file# 18678


Date:July 25, 2014
Klickitat County county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Oak Ridge
Clear,70 degrees
Heading north on Hwy14, at Husum, turn right onto Oak Ridge Rd. Approx. 1/2 mile up Oak Ridge Rd., on the right, there is a red cable attached to, and running between two concrete guardrail posts blocking a (small old road/path)that goes down to a covered bridge. The bridge cannot be seen from Oak Ridge Road. This is a popular path for hikers. The creature ran across Oak Ridge Road, jumped over the cable, and ran out of sight toward the covered bridge.


Description of event: I was driving north on Oak Ridge Road, approx. 40 mph.. At 8:58 pm. on July 25, 2014. I was approaching the point where a red cable blocks an old road (on the right) that runs down to a covered bridge, when a creature ran in front of me, crossing Oak Ridge Road (the road I was traveling on) from left to right. He must have jumped about 3 ft. over the cable blocking the old road/path. I was approx. 50 yards away from him when I first saw him, and about 25 yards away when I lost sight of him. His fur started blending in with the dark of the trees bordering the old road/path down to the bridge so I couldn't tell if he was running down the path or had run into the woods. I veered my car to the left, pointing my lights down the old road/path on the right and couldn't see anything. I didn't get out of my car as it didn't register in my mind what I may have seen until after I had driven on. The creature was running very fast on two feet.

record updated:2014-07-26 12:59:00