Strange calls heard and a shadow seen in the night near Diamond Lake junction file# 19766


Date:February 09, 2015
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Near junction of highways 97 and 138


Description of event: I woke up because the dogs were barking on the back porch, punctuated by what sounded more like a loud bird call than anything, coming most often when the dog stopped briefly, as if in answer. I got up and went to the window. By then, the sound seemed to be closer, and ended with what sounded like imitations of barks, quite loud. the first sound was a weet or woot birdlike sounding cry, about 1 second long or less, followed by several repetitions of the short coughing sound. The sound did not sound anything like as high, wavering and eerie as the recordings on this site, which are tinny and electronic sounding. It was very natural, lower pitched, but still very large-bird-like. Neither I nor the cat felt afraid, and only the barky dog kept barking; the other joined in only occasionally; both bark if they feel threatened.

I wasn't able to locate a recording device, and did not care to go out looking, possibly frighten it off. I will check in the morning for prints, etc.

It stopped for a moment, seemed to move 10-20 south, still along the tree line at the edge of the light- I may have seen a large shadow moving that way too- and then called again, 2-3 times, with barking, before it stopped. The dogs barked once more a few minute later, but no answer. Earlier in the fall, I heard a similar, but higher pitched screechy sound, with howling, much louder, and very like pain sounds, as hunters camped at the edge of the state forest fired into the trees a couple hundred yards further out.

(If I can, I'll update this with anything I find in the morning light.)

record updated:2015-02-10 04:07:05

Investigation by: Tom Rutledge

Tom Rutledge Investigator

Ashland, OR