Teen sees fresh track, creature while fishing

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Date:June , 1971
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Union Creek
Nearest road:
Hwy 62
fair, hot
late afternoon
On union creek. Upstream from the small town of Union creek. East.


Description of event: I was 17 years old. Me, dad and mom on a camping trip.

I always would take off by myself to fish. I'm pretty sure I was upstream a good mile from where the stream goes near town. It was quiet. I intended to cross the stream. A small gravel bar was where I was going to cross.

I looked down and saw a large foot print in the gravel right next to the stream. No water had seeped into this print. I looked at the stream and mud was going down stream. I crouched down to look at the footprint and put my fly rod next to it. From the reel end to the hook holder was really shorter than the print.

I stayed crouched down and looked across stream into the woods. Between a very large tree and thick bushes something was standing. It was backing away in sort of a swaying motion. I could not get a clear sight on this thing. It stopped backing up. I could feel it was checking me out. It turned and walked into the forest.

This all happened in probably 5 minutes or so. I could hear it moving away. I was not really scared but I felt like trying to see it again so I went across the stream. The forest and growth was so thick. I hung around sitting down by a tree for along time. Then I felt I was not alone.

I left and went back to camp and told dad and mom about it. They believed me. Through the years I have told a hand full of folks about that encounter. I wish I could of seen it clearly.

I did talk out loud to it. I remember saying. Don't be scared because I'm not. I also said thankyou.

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