Camper kick something through the tent, tent collapses file# 21668


Date:August 04, 2015
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
pre dawn dark hours
Trail head to Red Lake will take you there.


Description of event: Me and a friend went hiking up to Red lake, near Detroit lake, Oregon. We set up camp right off the shore of Red Lake.

I woke up to my friend screaming for his life while I was kicking something outside of our tent. The tent collapsed from the outside. We heard no noises or animals screams from me kicking it. I did not kick my friend or his shoulder would have been broken. I kicked the crap out of it.

It's very unusual and I'm posting here because the tent was almost pushed down and two or more of the two person tent poles were snapped.

We decided to leave immediately and took the trail back in pitch black at around 3:00am. We got to a clearing in the forest where there were some powerlines so we decided to take that down so we don't get lost because my car was parked at the bottom side of the clearing which was still probably 1.5/2 miles down the clearing.

We decided to try and get some more moving space by walking about 20ft in the forest line. As i was walking/ jogging down, I saw a tree that was obviously not damaged by debris. It was snapped in such an odd way that I didn't even want to tell my friend at the moment to creep him out even more. The fibers of the tree were all still intact but the branch was completely bent over and in a weird place as well. We finally made it back to the car at around 5:30am.

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