Equipment operator sees strange hairy creature file# 21807


Date:April 06, 1996
Multnomah county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Rocky Point Road
mid morning
Up rocky point road it eventually forks to the right, follow that road up near the radio tower about a mile or so up the road the road takes a bend to the right, in the belly of the bend there is a power line pole. Within 10 ft up the road from the pole on the left hand side is where it re entered the road after crossing from the right.


Description of event: My father had just picked up equipment for a job up Dixie mountain road past the right fork of where the radio tower is on upper rocky point road. He was entering a bend in the road that took sharp left with old growth on the right second growth and more young deciduous on the left where this power line pole pretty much marked the belly of this turn when heading back down rocky point.

About 10 feet in front of my father's truck, what he only describes as a 4-5 ft tall creature with an ET like head with matted down 3-4 inch brownish blonde hair crossed the road at a moderate pace. The creature entered the road way from the old growth on the right to the area on the left. Before entering the thick brush within ten feet of this pole the creature paused for roughly 20 seconds looking straight ahead into the brush, avoiding eye contact as my father very slowly made his way around the corner.

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