Timber faller hears loud tree knocks while falling a tree.

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Date:October , 2014
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Elk Head Rd
A little over cast
mid morning


Description of event: I was falling timber on a piece of property for a friend of mine. I was falling a big fir and got this hair raising gut wrenching feeling that something was watching me, then I heard a whack... whack... whack... like someone taking a metal bat and whacking a tree but I'm all alone and 100 acres away from any house.

After the whacking stopped, I took the back of my axe and whacked the tree a couple times but hear nothing so I go to start my saw back up and there it is again whack...whack...whack and I got that feeling again that something was watching me. I was so uneasy that when I went to buck a log I had to keep looking over my shoulder and nothing bothers me in the woods. I'm more at ease here but I ended up bucking that big log and it fell right on my foot cause I kept looking back but I know I heard a Bigfoot tree knock.

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