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fall 1986 oregonbigfoot.com Grady Coon hunters smell terrible odor, see red eyes, figure cross powerline right of way
winter 1966 oregonbigfoot.com Grady Breaking limbs, scream heard
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Grady Screams reported in rural neighborhood
Winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Grady Man has sighting behing his house.
fall 1973 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Youths see creature near creek
















June 14, 2015

Field Journal Updated - Strange vocalizations are coming from the woods. Join us as we explore the area in the media archives

May, 2015

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October 9, 2014

Sasquatch Abductions - An examination of several historical reports of Sasquatch abductions. How many can you count that mention a group of Sasquatches in a cave at the edge of a canyon?

July 1, 2014

Bigfooting in a ghost town - Join us as we visit the remains of an old company logging town and examine sighting reports in the area

April 7, 2014

The most in-depth report on Sasquatch hair color ever conducted... I have examined 1270 reports in the Oregon Bigfoot database for color frequency. Also, thoughts on Sasquatch hair-growth patterns, a surprising analysis of Sasquatch hair compared to other great ape hair, and an examination of genetic diseases which may be apparent in eyewitness reports, including albinism, skin conditions and more.

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