Bigfoot Artist Jesse D'Angleo

Jesse D'Angelo

Jesse D'Angelo

JESSE D'ANGELO is a native of New York, and is a top storyboard artist and designer in the film and television industry. Since childhood he became interested in art and storytelling, and at 16 began his professional career. His feature film credits include "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," "Darkness Falls," "Hellboy," "Species," "Air Force One" and many more. His televsion credits include "Cold Case," "Without A Trace," "CSI: NY," and commercials for Sony, Mattel, Toyota and more. He has directed several short films, written many screenplays and short stories, and created the Photoshop graphic novel "Flight From Our Town."

He has always been fascinated with unexplained phenomena, and recently his interest in Bigfoot research peaked. Convinced after reviewing all available evidence that these creatures exist, D'Angelo has vowed to contribute in some way to the search. He dreams of one day going on his own Bigfoot expeditions, and possibly obtaining evidence of his own. But today he creates artwork based on witness reports, trying artistically and scientifically to create accurate depictions of these animals.

To see more of Jesse's work online, go to WWW.FAMOUSFRAMES.COM -- On the front page click on "artists" and on the next page click on "east coast production." There his name and work can be found. To contact Jesse, please email JESSERAVENWOLF@AOL.COM.

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