Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Bigfoot?

If you're very new to the subject, click here for a bigfoot primer.

Bigfoot in Oregon? Where?

Visit the database for information on sightings in nearly every county in Oregon. If you come across a sighting in an area you know about, submit your own report. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the area, especially if you've heard other stories about that place. If you're here because you've had a sighting, footprint find or other encounter or know someone who has, by all means submit your report!

But I thought there was just one?!?

What other living, breathing creature on this earth do you know of that exists SINGLY? Of course there's more than one. In fact, data suggests there are thousands. Eyewitnesses see males, females, juveniles... even family groups. Have a look at the data!

Aren't they just in the Pacific Northwest?

No way. Bigfoot creatures have (notice it's plural) been sighted in every state in the US except Hawaii. In fact, aside from Oregon, Washington and California, OHIO, TEXAS, FLORIDA and OKLAHOMA are big hot spots. Again, have a look at the database! I think you'll be surprised.

Aside from the US, "cousins" of these creatures are also seen in Canada, Australia, China, Russia, Malaysia...

Where are all the photos?

Have you ever tried to photograph a bear in the wild? Wait... have you ever even SEEN a bear in the wild? How about photographing a bear who walks on two legs and who can tiptoe and who saw you coming from a mile away? How about trying to take a picture of a bear who's standing behind dense vegetation, in the dark, and can see you, but you can't see it, and it's primary method of survival is its ability to avoid people with guns by being very quiet and clever? Ever try to photograph something behind a bush in the dark, with a FLASH? How about something that crosses the road in two seconds? In your mind's eye, watch the creature cross the road (and time those two seconds) as you say to yourself what so many witnesses say: "What the heck is THAT? Is that a bear? No, bears don't walk on their hind legs? It's too big to be a person... maybe it's a guy in a monkey suit. What would a guy in a monkey suit be doing out here... wait... was that a BIGFOOT?!" You're craning your neck as you're driving by and even if your camera's sitting on the seat next to you, by the time you pick it up, that creature is LONG GONE.

That said, the photos and videos are here, and the sound files can be found here. There are also TONS of photos, audio files and video files in the members section. These are the files that are too large/costly to provide on the general website. Membership is just $4.95 per month and helps cover bandwidth/server costs.

Included in the members media archives section are hundreds of EXCLUSIVE, never-before-seen bigfoot-related videos, audio recordings and more. YOU WON'T FIND 90% OF THIS STUFF ANYWHERE ELSE! :)

What if I have a photo/video/recording?

I'll digitally enhance it and analyze it for free. Feel free to email me and I'll tell you where to send it. Many of the photos/videos/recordings we receive from witnesses never make it onto the website. They request that we don't publish them, and we don't. Or, if we are allowed to share them, the files are too large to host publicly and they end up in the member's media archives. As the owner of the tape or photo, you retain all copyrights, and it's up to you whether we share it. I'm happy to see the evidence, happy to enhance it, analyze it and send it back, without it ever making it onto the site. However, if you don't mind sharing it, we'd love to post it so others may see it. If you have something for the members section, we'll happily give you a free membership to the website in exchange for posting the file(s).

But can't I sell it? Won't I make a lot of money?

Unless you have a video recording comparable to the Patterson/Gimlin film, NO. Blurry videos and pictures and muffled sound files simply don't have a large market. If it's not a clear, crisp, unobstructed view of a Sasquatch, no one cares... except me, that is. I'm happy to look at anything bigfoot-related. If it's good, I'll tell you it's good and suggest ways to release it. If it's a Blobsquatch or a trick of light, I'll tell you that, too.

How do I look for Bigfoot?

Spend time in the woods in the dark, if you're brave enough. Learn to be quiet. Beyond that, you don't. You don't find Bigfoot. You let Bigfoot find you.

If I see one, shouldn't I shoot it? I'll be famous! takes a STRICTLY passive approach to research and strongly condemns anyone who would kill something just to appease their curiosity or to acquire fame and fortune (which is unlikely in any event!) Many speculate that a body is necessary to prove the creature's existence "so that laws can be passed to protect it". But there ARE laws. It is illegal to shoot ANY animal out of season - and if these things turn out to be nearer to human than animal (which I suspect is the case), the "discoverer" may find himself facing a manslaughter charge. A dead body won't tell us how they live, how they behave... only a live study will do that. Finally, the only accounts of true aggression have occured when a Bigfoot is attacked. Remember the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park? Don't EVER assume a Bigfoot creature is alone... to do so and to shoot at it is foolhardy and dangerous.

So are Sasquatches dangerous?

Not especially. Bigfoot's behavior, as reported by thousands of witnesses, can certainly be unnerving or sometimes terrifying, but in nearly ALL cases the creatures will avoid confrontation, using creative means to discourage a witness' continued presence in an area. What many researchers tout as examples of "aggression" are simply Bigfoot's way of saying "go away". Screaming, throwing small objects, shaking trees and stomping are all ways these creatures use to communicate their displeasure. However, these are not normally followed by physically aggressive behavior if the witness doesn't leave. They are, above all else, generally NON-CONFRONTATIONAL.

If I tell you about my experience will there be people showing up on my doorstep?

No. We are careful not to divulge specific information about location if a) the witness requests that we do not, b) the location is near the witness' home or c) the activity is ongoing and either the creatures or the witness may be disturbed by doing so. Your name and contact information are NEVER posted. Your privacy will be respected.

Is every bit of information you have about Bigfoot published on this website?

Unfortunately, no. There are details about our primary research areas which are withheld so as to not compromise those locations. There is information that witnesses have asked us not to share... including photographs, sound files and videos. We publish and share what we can, without compromising witness confidentiality or our own research.

Have a question that's not answered here? Email us and be sure to subscribe to the blog. Your question, if it's frequently asked, may be answered there!