Boy in China with “Cat’s Eyes”?

There have been reports floating around the internet lately about a boy in China with “cat’s eyes”. Granted, Nong has beautiful blue eyes, which is a rare sight in Asians. But is the novelty of his eye-color responsible for the claims that his eyes glow when a flashlight is shined in them and his supposed ability to see clearly in the dark, or is there really something special about Nong’s eyes aside from the color?

It is unlikely that a human could “mutate” quickly enough in a single generation to produce a tapetum lucidum – the “bright tapestry” at the back of nocturnal creatures’ eyes responsible for eyeshine. Amusingly, youtube videos are popping up now claiming that Nong is an alien-human hybrid, or “starchild”.

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10 replies on “Boy in China with “Cat’s Eyes”?”

  1. Al Robbins says:

    I’ve seen people’s eyes glow when my headlights hit them and they looked directly at me…at least I think they were people… :) so I don’t believe the glow is that unusual.

  2. Karl Foster says:

    Could be be a recessive gene, rather than a mutation. Which leads to the question of whether the tapetum lucidum is in the background of modern human ancestory.

  3. Parsell says:

    I feel sorry for the kid as he will be poked and prodded for the rest of his life. Aarrg! That will mess with his head, I am sure.

  4. Pat Robbins says:

    Supposedly the doctor says the child will grow out of the eye-shine, It makes me wonder ;kittens are born with blue eyes that turn later on also. Alien? , I don’t buy that for a minute, this condition has been documented in the past; in the 70’s there was a child in Canada that was born with cay eyes and faided in her 3rd year. Quite the occurence however.

  5. barney Bass says:

    punctuated evolution, epigenetics, and ancient euorpean graves found in northwest china. possible assertion of recessive albinism gene. the genome is far more nimble than commonly thought of.

  6. dennis says:

    While I do NOT think there is anything “alien” about the eyeshine in this individuals eyes, and certainly do NOT think he is a cross-breed or hybrid of sorts, I think that we often make these assumptions because of our inability to fess up to our beliefs that hybrids and cross-breeds have been in our history for more years than we want to admit. Facts are simple but not easy to swallow.

    The great pyramids, the stones at Stonehenge and various other sites across the globe point to long ago visitations from alien cultures. The idea that these visitors did NOT consummate with early humanity is far more foolish and laughable than those that say, without hesitation, that they did. Any intelligent being traveling as far and for as long as they have to get to this little blue planet obviously came here in curiosity and want to further their learning. Experimentation involving cross-breeding would be too tempting for any scientist (human or otherwise) to pass up.

    Now, using the Pyramids as a prime example, one has to use common sense. We KNOW for a fact that the start of construction of a Pyramid began the day of birth of a new King. We also know for a fact that the time to complete construction on a single Pyramid was anywhere between 80 and 100 years (this is calculated by the size and height of the structure, the weight of the bricks (stones) and the amount of manpower it takes to move the stones and build the inner chambers of the structure).

    We also know for a fact that the Pyramid was to be finished before the King has died as these structures were tombs of burial and tribute for the passed royal. The average life expectancy, and we know this as fact by understanding the roles of fate, lack of modern medicine, the onslaught of diseases that were not controllable then but are now, and luck (you know, accidents do happen), was about 40 years of age.

    O.K. So, knowing all of this, how is it possible for a structure that takes 80 to 100 years to build get finished no later than 40 with the manpower that was available?


    The ancients had help not of this Earth. The findings inside the Pyramids are a treasure-trove of information very few acknowledge and few want to believe. However, facts are still facts and the seals that adorn the insides of these tombs (series of hand-drawn pictures that depict life back then-almost like comic book illustrations) tell us, definatively, that the ancients were, indeed, visited by otherworldy beings that assisted in the constructions. Many of these drawings depict large eyed gods riding “clouds” that look strangely like todays modern satellites. Zachariah Sitchen, one of the very first people to crack the codes of the seals, renowned for his work with ancient languages, has flatly come out and said what is written in the seals of the Pyramids is proof positive that the gods they were speaking of were really alien visitors and that they were very likely mating and creating offspring with the ancients.

    The other thing we need to come clean about is out own vanity. We all like to think ourselves the supreme intellect that ever ruled this planet from the moment we first stood up to walk erect. However, the facts and evolution tell us something very, very different. From the time we crawled out of the primordial soup as alligators through us slowly changing into apes and then upright walking cavemen, we’re looking at a period of about 3000 years. Not much major brain work there and certainly not enough to evolve to the cultured and intelligent ancient Egyptian that built the Pyramids a few hundred years later.

    So, what happened?

    Hard to swallow, but the only explaination is that we were helped and moved up a rung on the evolutionary ladder.

    This is not a new concept and one that has been mulled over for decades. Stanley Kubrick brought it to mass attention with his monumental and game-changing land-mark film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and many a scientific theorist has brought the theory up as a valid explaination when trying to explain the unexplainable for there is nothing that cannot be explained really.

    Are our egos so big that we cannot keep an open mind and think that maybe something wonderous did occur all those years ago? Is it so hard to believe that part of our genetic make-up is not soley of this planet we keep our feet firmly planted on? Look towards the Asians, as Sitchen says. Most Chinese and Japanese have extremely bulbous and oval dark eyes. The Chinese and Japanese are smaller framed, bodily, and sport longer necks than that of the caucasian or the black of any background. Most reports of alien contact (the Travis Walton account being one of the most famous-and most undisputed)describe beings with small framed bodies, long necks and bulbous/oval eyes of extremely dark color.

    Now, I’m no racist by any stretch of the imagination (my best friend is black and my sister-in-law is Japanese), and I like to think of myself as someone who can look facts in the face and concede by what is presented.

    I saw the Patterson Gimlin film and I know there is such a creature out there in the mountains of Washingtom State called Bigfoot.

    I have watched footage of the Great White Shark leap some 14 feet out of the waters off the coast of Australia to know that the notion of that species not being able to break the surface in pursuit of a fur seal is pure B.S.

    And, I know that, looking at the evidence, reading up on what the seals of the Pyramids say, and using the eyes I have in my head, that there was no way man could have made such an evolutionary leap in so short a time and that the evidence of alien/human cross breeding stares us in the face evey day.

    This universe is a wonderful and extraordinary place to call home.

    Life is too short to condemn the wonderous.

  7. Mick says:

    Different people have different levels of visual acuity. My night vision is very good, good enough to run around in the woods at night when other people will be crashing into things. I don’t think my eyes glow though =)

    There have been leaps forward in other species in a single generation though. The parents don’t have a given trait, but the offspring do. And then the offspring of the offspring continue to manifest the trait. I’m talking about fish here, and not humans, but still =P

  8. Mike Brogan says:

    Probably nothing more as Karl said, than a Recessive Gene, we are all linked on the Evolutionary Tree and as Lemurs belong to the Primate Clad and they have the Tapetum Lucidum ,the only Primates known to Science to have it, it could be that waaaaaay back in the distant past when our Line broke away from the Common Ancestor we share with Lemurs a rogue gene came with us. The Chinese for a long time thought they descended from an Alien Race because of their obvious differences from the rest of us, but since the advent of DNA testing , that idea has been put to bed, they, like the rest of us are Homo Sapiens.

  9. Jessica says:

    Well, that’s not weird. My dad & I & my brother have the same thing–blue eyes, see well in the dark…My dad and I can even see color in the dark. Kind of washed out, but still some color, mostly yellows, blues and greens. (coincidentally, those are the predominant colors which some large mammals such as cows, lions & dogs have been demonstrated to be able to see, albeit not strongly, similar to a black-and-white photo which has been tinted) My dad said his dad could, too, and his 3 blue-eyed siblings (the others have brown eyes). I’m sure there are others out there who can. After all, blue eyes by nature are more sensitive to light, as they do not have as much melanin, the protective pigmentation present in darker eyes. My husband’s eyes are so dark they’re nearly black. The summer noonday sun doesn’t bother him at all, he never needs sunglasses, but at night he has a big problem seeing, as though he IS wearing sunglasses. I have a friend with “ice eyes”–so light blue they almost look white. He has to wear sunglasses during the day because the sun hurts his eyes terribly, but he has no problem at night. He can’t see colors, but he navigates with ease through the forest with a new moon & only the light of the stars. So it can’t be THAT incredibly abnormal, right? I mean, that’s 8 people I know of in one small area. And I don’t know a whole ton of people. And I don’t ask them whether they can see in the dark; that’s just not one of my usual conversation topics. Considering how small of a sample of the world’s population this is, it is statistically probable for there to be numerous other blue-eyed individuals who can also see well in the dark. Granted, a blue-eyed person of Asian descent is unusual, but then Crazy Horse was a blue-eyed Native American, it’s not unknown. As for eye-shine, what do you think causes “red-eye” in photographs? It is the reflection of the flash–a very bright light relative to the ambient light–off the retina, similar to a flashlight in a dark room. But what WOULD be unusual is if this boy were to have a tapetum (the membrane in the eyes of nocturnal animals which reflects lightwaves unabsorbed by the photoreceptor cells, giving them a “second chance” to catch more rays). Also, it’s possible that he may have a higher concentration/proportion of rods vs. cone cells in the retina. And, considering the complex processes of gene expression and developmental timing, it may not even require a mutation for him to have a higher concentration of rod cells. Therefore, I still maintain that it may not actually be that unusual, after all. Just infrequently reported.

  10. Lisa Hilliard says:

    There is an eye disease which causes the iris to appear to reflect light. In photographs, the eye appears white – similar to red eye but not red. This disease cannot be detected with the naked eye and is very serious.

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