I wish I could explain…

… the things that are going on right now.

A few months ago, something happened that changed my life, changed the way I look at this phenomenon. It has affected me deeply and I’m not sure I know which way to turn.

Because all of you have been with me since the inception of this blog, and some of you have been by my side as members and friends much longer than that, I feel the need to reach out to you now and ask for your input.

If I’m vague, I’ll apologize in advance. I can’t be more specific right now.

I feel that I have learned more about these creatures in the last few months than I have in 20 years of research. The question is, now what? What do I do with this information? That fine line that I’ve always walked between education and protection has turned gossamer-thin, and I’m struggling to keep my footing.

Let me pose a scenario and ask you a question. Maybe several. This isn’t rhetorical; I genuinely want to hear your thoughts.

Those in the research community always talk about providing proof as protection. In fact, I did an extensive blog series on this subject a while back. I’ve come to the conclusion, after much consideration (understatement of the year here), that PROVING that these things exist will force the hand of the government… and I don’t see any good coming of that. First, they’ll want to study them (funding will be a major issue here and more likely than not the government will do everything in its power NOT to acknowledge their existence because funding for other projects is an issue now). After studying them, they’ll want to harvest one. If it is a male that is harvested first, a female will follow, or visa versa. Will they end up in zoos? I don’t know – but I don’t want to risk it.

I’ve never been in this to prove that bigfoot exists. My goal is, and has always been, to understand and to educate. To validate witnesses who have been ridiculed and give them some peace. To provide support for those who, like me, experienced something they couldn’t explain and want to understand. And to protect the very creatures I study.

The question of protection is a funny one. Who do we need to protect Bigfoot from, anyway, besides those who are hell-bent on proving they exist and want to shoot one in order to do so? No one else is deliberately hunting these things. Despite the argument that many make, that “we have to harvest one in order to prove they exist so we can protect them”, I’ve always seen this pathetically altruistic argument as nothing more than thinly-veiled blood lust made more palatable by smearing it with a politically-correct agenda.

Most of you – the vast majority, from what I’ve gathered – are simply curious, like me. What are these things we call Bigfoot? What do they look like? How do they act? Are they more “human” or “animal”?

And here lies the conundrum:

If I felt I could answer those questions, would you want me to?

If I could offer you detailed observations which would demonstrate the answers, would you care to hear them?

Now… before you answer, keep in mind that there is a caveat here.

Would you still want this information, knowing that I will NOT provide you with anything that will constitute “proof”, because I’m afraid of what would happen if I did? Will you allow me to appease your curiosity while protecting the subject of your interest?

Will you allow me to walk that fine line and take the information for what it’s worth… or will you demand its head on a stick so that the government can tell us what we knew all along?

Send me your thoughts.

[Edited to say: Please allow me to clarify, since I’m getting some confusing feedback. I WOULD NOT BE PRESENTING PROOF IN THE FORM OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. Only detailed observations from a particular witness.]

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