IMAX feedback – and enhancement

OK… first of all, this blog is a place where I can share news and information. From time to time, I’ll also share an opinion or two. As most of you know, I’m not one to come to snap judgments about purported “bigfoot” images. I tend to take my time, weigh the images and any addition information that is available carefully, and if I do share an opinion about it, it’s based on what I’ve examined so far. My opinions, or any tentative conlcusion that I come to, are always subject to change based upon new information.

Yesterday, after having viewed the video repeatedly, I posted my opinion that I found the IMAX film interesting, and that I felt it may be a Sasquatch. Most of you who wrote to me found it as visually compelling as I did, but a couple did not.

Todd, a witness turned long-time investigator and long-time friend, took issue with my post. No offense intended Autumn, but this is not the high quality commentary I have come to expect and love you for.”

He asked: “…are there ANY other large dark colored animals known to exist in that region which could POSSIBLY explain the figure seen in the film?”

Well, here’s the conundrum. What MY eyes saw, each and every time I viewed the film, was something that appeared to be upright (meaning that it was not on all fours and thus must be on two legs unless it was hovering or on wheels), than ran for a bit slightly hunched over… then appeared to hunker down.

He took issue with that description:

Upright? Hunched? Hunkered? Which is it? Since there is NOTHING to justify calling it bi-pedal (legs?), then I guess it helps to suggest that if it is bi-pedal, then it’ must be hunched and/or hunkered. Without being able to actually see anything from the “waist” down, how do you arrive at the conclusion that it is “upright?”

No, you can’s see the legs. And that’s my point. Again, in trying to explain what *I* am seeing (again, this is only my opinion), it appears to me that I’m seeing the head and shoulders of an upright creature, with arms that move independently of that head and shoulders. If it were a creature on all fours – a bear, for instance – the head would not sit on top of the shoulders. If you can see the shoulders, a horizontal body would be visible, and so would FOUR legs and not just two dangling arms, since bears certainly don’t run on their hind legs… and, if they stand upright, their arms are help out in front of them, not hanging to the sides as I see here.

Of course, you could argue that what I’m seeing is all wacky. Hang tight until I finish this discussion, and we’ll take a look at an enhancement of the footage.

Let’s go back to Todd’s first question: …I ask you…are there ANY other large dark colored animals known to exist in that region which could POSSIBLY explain the figure seen in the film?”

It’s a fair question, and one that I considered when trying to determine what I thought might be in the film. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with a known animal of that color in that area that moves in an upright position, which is what my eyes are seeing repeatedly when I view the footage.

Another reader – my dear Heinz, who’s always on hand with feedback – had this to say:

“Interesting!!! But? In my opinion? It’s a mother Grizzly chasing down part of a caribou herd, with the youngin in tow back behind a rock and to the left of her!!(Which is normal)… Grizzlies and/or Kodiaks have that same shadow ‘profile’ when running. Head up, Ass down when at Full Throttle!!”

A grizzly might be expected up there, sure. Are grizzlies JET BLACK? Not usually, though they can be very dark in color.

Here’s a video of grizzly bears running:

See the four legs? The posture? The movement? Grizzlies don’t run SIDEWAYS with their shoulders pointed at you, which is what the creature in the IMAX film appears to be doing. And they surely don’t run sideways while upright.

Now compare the above video to the following. This is an enhancement created by one of my blog readers, Jimmy Williams (thanks, Jimmy!). He recorded this using his camcorder while viewing the Great North footage from HuLu on his 50″ HD LCD television. I recommend  clicking the “full-screen” control  (the square button second from the right on the bottom of the YouTube player below) for best viewing:

Do you see any pointed ears, like those of a bear? Or any indication of a snout when the head turns?

I’m still seeing the exact same thing I saw initially… a hunched over upright figure that moves sideways and hunkers down… and it sure doesn’t look like a bear to me.

Do bears run sideways, with their shoulders facing us? I’m pretty comfortable with a ‘no’ vote on that one. ;) In the full heat of a stampede, will a bear hunker down and wait and stalk, like a big  cat? No. A bear would be chasing this herd at full throttle.

What other “known” animal indigenous to that area would look and behave like this creature? None that I can think of.

Sometimes, when I initially view a video, then view an enhancement, I see things much differently in the enhancement. In this case, when it comes to this whatever-it-is, the enhancement simply confirmed exactly what I thought I was seeing in the first place.

Incidentally, in the video above, the ease of viewing has been greatly enhanced and the second black “movement” behind and to the left of the original creature appears to be a only quick flicker… I’m not sure what it is, but upon viewing the enhancement, it doesn’t strike me as being compelling enough to be considered a “head” popping up. I don’t know what it is. But that, of course, is why it’s important, if you do formulate an opinion about something, to be open to changing it if further examination warrants it.

For now, here’s where I am with this: There isn’t enough visual information to conclude that there is any more than one “unidentified” creature in this footage.

However, until further information comes to light to suggest otherwise, due to the color, the movement and the form I’m seeing in this video, I still assert that the black figure could be a Sasquatch.

Either that, or perhaps it’s a cameraman, dressed all in black with a black ski mask, running to get a “better shot”, stupidly putting his life in danger by being very close to the path of a herd of stampeding caribou, who never appears to bother to lift a camera to his face or keep his head above the horizon to see what he is trying to film?

Todd admonished: “Occam’s razor translates as: ‘entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.’ Meaning that the simplest explanation tends to be the best one.”

I agree, my friend. ;)

(UPDATE: Agh. Jimmy sent more enhancements. The black spot in the background is somewhat more obvious. What do you think?)

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