IMAX film update

Time crunched today, so please forgive the brevity of this update.

Upright? Yes. Hunched? Yes. Hunkering. Yup. Human? Yup. Appears so.

I got this email from a reader today:

“After reading your blog on this, I purchased the Blu-Ray version of “Great North” to see the footage on my large screen HDTV.
I hate to say it, but on the Blu-Ray, you can clearly see that it’s a person, presumably a member of the crew, and he clearly has a backpack on.


Looks like Ol’ Matt and Wally had the same idea of looking at the figure on a high-def LCD TV that our reader Jimmy Williams did. They, however, were working with the actual Blu-Ray DVD, rather than the footage from Hulu…

HURRAY! At least we now know what the durned thing is.

Just as I suspected… it’s a Bigfoot. With a backpack.

Erm, I mean (and I quote me)…”a cameraman, dressed all in black with a black ski mask, running to get a ‘better shot’, stupidly putting his life in danger by being very close to the path of a herd of stampeding caribou, who never appears to bother to lift a camera to his face or keep his head above the horizon to see what he is trying to film…”

OK. It’s not a cameraman. It’s not a Sasquatch. It appears to be a crew member with a death wish, dressed like a Ninja, hired to scare the hell out of helpless caribou by running around and waving his arms and yelling “boo”, who didn’t know better than to stay out of the shot. Who’da thunk it? Shame on you, Great North editors, for not keeping the bigfoots… erm, I mean…  crew dudes from lurking in the background of your finished product!  Add this one to the list

More info here

Nothing to see here, folks. Please move along. On to the next distant, yet compelling whatz-it…

(Pardon me while I wipe the egg off my face and get back to my kettle of fish. It’s boiling over…)

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