Interviewing Jaime Avalos

Some of you may be familiar with Jaime Avalos’ YouTube videos. I came across them fairly recently, around the same time that Jaime had contacted me through the website.

Our initial contact was brief… he simply mentioned to me that he felt he was able to anticipate where to find tracks and was having great success.

My curiosity was piqued. Watching Jamie’s videos, I found myself fascinated. Honestly, my intial reaction was that he was simply finding and casting human footprints. The footprints appeared very humanlike in size, shape and morphology. They appeared to have been found, in many cases, in areas where humans frequent. But as I continued to watch, I was deeply intrigued – not so much by the evidence, initially, but by the calm deliberation with which he approached his work and the careful documentation of what he was finding.

Our subsequent telephone conversations made me want to meet Jaime… to see the evidence that he was collecting firsthand and try to further understand this seemingly credible man who was spending so much time documenting something that appeared, at first glance, to be nothing more than… well, people prints.

Jaime is an ex-marine and a traveling nurse. His job affords him time to travel, and he was able to make the journey up from California for a few days to visit.

We had an amazing time. Throughout his stay, I was continually impressed by his calm demeanor, the lack of sensationalism – and his innate refusal to make any claims about what he was finding. Rather, he simply presented the evidence to me in the form of dozens of casts, showed me videos of his time in the field, and spent hours explaining what he was finding and how.

As the long weekend drew to a close, I found that I was still somewhat on the fence about exactly what Jaime was finding. The casts, though they looked very humanlike, did appear to be so similar as to come from the same individuals – despite the fact that they were cast, in some cases, hundreds of miles apart. Was Jaime simply casting human tracks that appeared similar in size, shape, and detail? Or was he actually following three barefoot individuals across the Sierras? Would three rather small, possibly young creatures be traveling together? The tracks were, respectively, 8″, 10″ and 11″ in length. – certainly well within the range of human tracks. Yet the behavior and gait of the trackmakers was not humanlike.

Were the subtle details that Jaime was noticing in the tracks and trackways a result of over-interpretation or the mark of an incredibly perceptive tracker?

I have uploaded an in-depth video interview with Jaime in the members media archives. In it, we discuss his initial sighting, his work up to this point, and he addresses many questions that I have about the tracks he’s finding.

Regardless of exactly what is responsible for the tracks, I find myself feeling that Jaime’s approach to field research and documentation is golden.

I had asked Jaime to try to give more of a visual and audio CONTEXT of the areas he’s finding the tracks within his videos, in order to answer a question that has nagged at me… is he simply finding human tracks of someone walking around barefoot along the lake shores, or is someone barefoot the entire time, walking INTO an area that would be comfortable on our feet and then walking OUT of it onto harsh or jagged substrate, still barefoot?

In his latest video, I’ve noticed that he’s begun to take a lot more time putting things into context for those of us who aren’t there with him.

Jaime, YOU ROCK. *grin*

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7 replies on “Interviewing Jaime Avalos”

  1. Connie says:

    Thanks Autumn for posting this film.

    I was wondering if he found any spot along the lake where it looks like the prints might have stopped to take a drink? Of course the feet would be planted in a different position when stooped or squatted to take a drink.

    Just wondering.


  2. Jesse D'Angelo says:

    If he’s able to anticipate where to find tracks, has he been setting up motion-sensing cameras in those locations? Are there any results from the various prints he’s found and cast? Would like to see some clear, close-up photos of those. Would like to hear from someone like Jeff Meldrum or Henner Fahrenbach about those prints. Show me more!!!

    [Editor’s note – Go to Jaime’s youtube account and search for Meldrum. There’s a video of him meeting with Jeff. – Autumn]

  3. ole bub says:

    Agreed, Jaime’s work is methodical and thorough, he remains one of my favorite Squatchers, Perhaps he will take his research to the next level…. as in face to face “contact”…although meeting Jaime “face to face” would terrify most sasquatch?

    Hugs to baby Rowan, Mommie too…

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  4. Bauctrian says:

    Wow. I have never seen his videos, or heard of him.
    I’m still trying to figure out where exactly he is looking at.
    I am far more curious in learning why he looks in particular areas and feels he can guestimate where they will be.

  5. larry g says:

    I looked for the Meldrum interview with Jaime but was unable to locate it. I wonder what he or Jim Chilcutt would have to say about his casts.

  6. Bauctrian says:

    He has 100+ videos on youtube.
    Here is the meldrum one…or one of them.

  7. Sali S. Wolford says:

    Does no one else notice the complete and utter peace that comes from listening to Jaime? When I hear him speak I am taken to a place of total relaxation. This is a man who is very comfortable in his own skin. He has no grand claims for what he has traveled hundreds of miles on foot to find, and he shares his work with anyone who is interested.

    He came to dinner while he was here visiting with Autumn. I found him to be a warm, genuine person with a great sense of humor; a pleasure to be around. I could listen to him for hours.

    Whether or not his findings (footprints etc.) prove to be those of Sas, we could use a lot more researchers like Jaime in this field.

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