I’ve lost count… and patience

I keep getting inquiries from production companies wanting assistance with bigfoot television show productions. It seems the second-season success of Finding Bigfoot has created a monster.


The first request was from a major cable network who’s planning on putting together a show comprised of a bunch of “teams” of researchers who are pitted against one another to bring in the best evidence of bigfoot for a “big cash prize”. I almost threw up on my shoe. I ignored that one. And the next. And the next. History. Discovery. National Geographic. SyFy. Just to name a few.

Everyone is trying to climb aboard the Bigfoot bandwagon and they want me to help. The answer is NO and it goes a little something like this:

Hi Autumn-

I working on new program (SyFy) that is hoping to film in Gifford Pinchot NF in a few months and looking for some local help.
Do you have a minute to discuss?

Many Thanks,

Segment Producer
XXXX Productions

My response:

Hi Alex,

I live and work in Oregon. Having hosted Mysterious Encounters for OLN in 2003 and working on the bigfoot episode of SyFy Investigates Bigfoot 5 years ago (that was pitched to me as a “documentary” series and ended up being nothing more than a reality TV show), I am no longer interested in being involved in any type of “reality” TV endeavor. If and when the television industry stops making sensationalistic garbage based only on ratings and starts doing real, educational, intelligent documentary television again, I’d be happy to oblige. I hope you understand.


Autumn Williams

His response:

Hi Autumn-

Thanks for getting back to me. So you don’t think we’re going to find bigfoot?
I accept your challenge :)

Best Wishes, Alex

And, finally, mine:

Hi Alex,

I am not challenging the TV industry to “find bigfoot”. If you’re familiar with my stance, I feel it is an egregious mistake for these beings to be harassed or “hunted” in any form. The challenge is for the TV industry to hold themselves to a higher level of ethics and quit selling out to the highest bidder and lowest viewer education level. Unfortunately, I anticipate that is a pipe dream.



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83 replies on “I’ve lost count… and patience”

  1. Jimmy Williams says:

    I guess that put him in his place! LOL Well said Autumn.

  2. Allan says:

    I read that the Finding Bigfoot cast was very displeased with how Season One of ‘their’ show was edited. Apparently very little of what was presented was actually what went down and several scenes were sensationalized and overblown. Not surprising. A wise move I think in staying out of tv circus right now.

  3. John Bull says:


  4. Frank Glahn says:

    I expected nothing less from you Autumn. Your response shows honesty and integrity. The TV industry is only wanting to do this program for advertising dollars, and cares nothing for the lives of those they affect.

  5. Wouldn’t it be nice if any of the Major TV Industries took this Subject seriously & didn’t edit what a person says to play off their seriousness & honesty. But we all have learned from experience that this will never be a reality, the honesty of/from a TV Industry.

  6. Philip Palmer says:

    I fully support your decision to take the high road, and from reading your other blogs about this subject, I know that it was an easy one to make. Not too many could honestly say that about themselves, as most seem ready to sell out. Cheers to you and the elusive Big Guy/Girl!

  7. Jim says:

    The “Finding Bigfoot” crew can complain all they want about editing, but when stuff like “ooh, that’s definitely a squatch” keeps coming out of your mouth every time a frog farts, you get the image you deserve.

  8. Terry Jenkins says:

    “Finding Bigfoot” was for reals??
    It had the production quality of “The Blair Witch Project” and the dialogue of an “Our Gang” movie…
    I wasn’t even able to sit thru one episode!!
    Thanks for posting Autumn, and way to hold your ground!!

  9. Joyce Backus says:

    Brava Autumn! I have always admired your integrity, but your reply sent it over the moon.
    Thank you for holding fast to your personal ethics. We can only hope that some day they will get it.

  10. Bill H. says:

    Well, Sis… you know what I think, and you know where I stand. It would be great if they (network sh**s) would actually do a show that, is about the education and the understanding of these beings… However, that is not what they are after…. these “networks” don’t believe or want to believe let alone prove that they (Sasquatch, that’s right SASQUATCH not “squatch) are here… like you said all they want is to be the next big thing, and ride that wagon until it dries up and blows away….. Like most researchers, they can’t prove what they’ll never find. Just sayin…

  11. Shelley says:

    Thank you for this post! I have been disgusted with the Finding Bigfoot series and believe they have set back the clock on credibility of serious researchers or believers out there. You can only blame so much on editing and production. And if I hear one more person say, “That was a Squatch” or “I am feeling very squatchy” I think I will scream.

  12. JERRY HEIN says:

    WAY TO GO AUTUMN TAKE CARE,.,.,.,.,.,.

  13. Summer says:

    Hmmm, I get this I think. You didn’t even mention anything about them not being able to find Bigfoot but he took your comment as if it were a comment on his resolve or commitment to the project. I think its important to understand that people in this industry are kind of beaten into this kind of mentality right from the start. They are instigated in very personally disrespectful experiences to develop an incredible drive and hunger for achievement in high pressure, highly competitive environments where exactly this kind of “Challenge” mentality is groomed, nurtured and supported. Your taught with very very tough lessons to create an incredibly powerful determination and passion for what your doing since much of the origin of this industry was shaped by people who possessed exactly that kind of drive. However back then it was more natural to the person then artificially fostered in individuals. It doesn’t always turn out right. He doesn’t have any perspective of his words or actions and it is a blindness that can be cultivated in the wake of this artificial passion.

    On the upside Autumn YOUR words and perspective are nothing short of the highest dignity and class. They are as beautiful and true as you are most obviously. Another opportunity to demonstrate your fierce integrity and mature perspective. An example to him in living verve on value of Quality.

  14. Paul T. says:

    Great Job on standing your ground Autumn!! when the first season of “finding” bigfoot came out I was like this might have something… Well it is like every other reality show……. SCRIPTED, for 90%. This summer I will be spending 4 days up in the backwoods from june to october, and in order to get anything related to the bigfoot family, you have to spend time out there, not just one night. I hate going backpacking alone, but if it has to be, so it shall. Bigfoot will always be there, hiding, for they like to live in peace.

  15. Sally Sheppard-Wolfo says:

    What, you’re not selling out to the highest bidder? But you could be rich and famous! How did I know this would be your choice? Because I taught you better!

    XOXOXO Yo Mama

  16. Sunny Lindley says:

    Aahahahahhahaahhahaaa :D I didn’t expect to have such a great laugh from reading that one. – Let there be no question that you spanked him. What can he say to that? The sad Truth is somewhere deep, deep down he KNOWS you are right on ALL levels. Atleast… you would hope. ;)

    And I absolutely 2nd what Joyce said! :)

  17. miles a says:

    Atta girl Autumn. You bring a lot of class to the discovery and proof of existance in these primates. I saw one in 1992 within 50 ft and was scared to death. Not anymore after reading some fine research and cases from others. Keep up the great work and stand your ground.

  18. dar says:

    The episodes with fireworks and torches really made me shake my head. NOt only was that pure theatre, it may inspire some fool to actually try it and start a forest fire. And I too hate the squatch word, its like fingernails on the blackboard. We took a crew out for Small Town Secrets one time, and that was the end of that for me.

  19. billy says:

    thank you autumn

  20. Pamela Spencer says:

    I have been watching Finding Bigfoot and i am not sure were you think it is scripted if it was then wouldn’t they find Bigfoot every where they go. I enjoy watching the program it gives us to learn more about them. I cant really say what a Bigfoot likes and how can people say what they like or don’t like.I don’t see any one going out to hurt them.This country use to be the land of the free. And that means we have the right to watch what we want and if don’t like some thing i don’t watch it.

  21. chanda says:

    Nice! You totally nailed his intentions and put your foot up his *bleep* in one fell swoop! LOL

  22. Jonathan says:

    I agree that main stream Television only care about ratings and little to nothing whatsoever about educating people, when people think of sasquatch it shouldn’t be viewed as a challenge too become some kind of Bigfoot man hunt, it shows no respect for these beings and no respect for people learning, if anything it teaches people how to be dramatic and have no peace in life, “reality” shows don’t fit my reality or most people mainly because no one wants chaos in there life, why mix something we find interesting and that we are trying to understand with chaos and strive?
    I also didn’t like his responds “so you don’t think we’re going to find Bigfoot” it sounded absolutely manipulative and belittling, i just didn’t see any solid respect, just something they wanted.

    Personally what we need is well done educational programs that share credible information on what Sasquatch is and the history behind it and credible peoples experiences, THIS would appeal too me and educate, after all these are living beings who deserve respect, they don’t hunt us, we shouldn’t hunt them, nothing wrong with wanting too see one, heck they try and see us, but i say lets be fair to them and each other.
    Thank you!

  23. LennyG says:

    Wow, Autumn! “Sensationalistic garbage” …. well said!

  24. Alexa Evans says:

    Bravo Autumn!! I am happy to know they didn’t succeed in swaying you with money or other promises, then do it ‘their way’. You’ve been there, done that. Thanks so much for saying what many many of us feel about most of the shows that are (and have been) on. And these ‘new ones’ are nothing more that hoping to cash in on a ‘hot topic’ but will be nothing of substance or intelligence I’m sure!!

  25. ernest wargo says:

    this is why we lovs and respect you and your organization.Keep up the good work and god bless.

  26. Linda Thompson says:

    Everything on TV is garbage…..Everything.
    These shows are the new “Gilligan’s Island”.
    You can’t even get the real news anymore.
    It’s all about money and ratings, not talent or truth.
    We used to scoff at the National Enquirer, until shows like National Geographic sold out.
    But, that wouldn’t be you, now would it?
    You have more integrity and riches than money can buy.
    <3 to you and your good mother.

  27. Thom says:

    Atta boy, Girl!!! RIGHT ON… they just don’t GET it…. keep up the good work!

  28. Lee Dillon says:

    Good job Autumn. Been looking for Bigfoot for over 50 years now and all these new tv programs have succeeded in doing is putting more people in the woods, not to mention all the noise they make with their call blasting and wood knocks. Can’t tell whats real and what is not until they come in the middle of the night and shake the hell out of your camp trailer and then scream at you for being there. I for one will be glad when this finding bigfoot fad goes away and the woods go back to being quiet again at night.

  29. Dane says:

    Where’s David L. Wolper when ya need him…..

  30. Cory Lekopoy says:

    As a former T.V./ Film Production and Location Manager I can assure you that what we really want to see in a “Bigfoot Show” will not make money. That is what the industry is about. That is why I am no longer in it. Reality T.V. is not so real but it sells. Alex’s boasting comment to you is not only typically arrogant but also an ignorant challenge of your intelligence.
    Do what you want to do. Not what the entertainment industry wants.

  31. Janice says:

    We had Animal Planet do a television series here once. It was a mess. They don’t want facts…they want entertainment. They think nothing of trying to purposely create drama where there is none. I remember when we needed to order some apples and they wanted me to act like it was some life or death situation, like the animals would starve unless they got these apples….it was so stupid…I told them to get someone else…so they did and then cut it from the dang show anyway…they had us try to recreate events…I told them, unless it happens while your filming then you miss it….we are not actors and neither are the animals…the show aired…it was called “My Wild Life” where took every day people and had them work at a couple of wildlife sanctaries. I don’t think anyone watched it…lol! Good job stickin to your guns Autumn!

  32. Don says:

    Hi Autumn

    This is my first comment on your blog but have been following it for a while and I loved your book Enoch.

    I live in the Perth hills, Western Australia and my partner and I have had several experiences of our own over here. Large rocks thrown against trees and big thuds as they hit the ground, the cracking of large branches as something is making its way down a hill toward us, a foul smell that is suddenly present lasting for a few minutes then vanishing, blood curdling shrieks or screaming sounds, and one time we had a quick glimpse of something bi-pedal that darted out of the bush at an amazing speed.
    The last experience was just as it was getting dark. We had taken a friend to a bush location where we had previously heard the screams, and we were standing in a clearing looking into the bush at what we thought could be eye shine. It was hard to see and at that time of night it could of been our eyes playing tricks on us. But as we all focused on this one spot, something deeper in the bush suddenly started to run in our direction, causing us to instinctively drop to the ground behind some low laying rocks. Our friend and I instantly launched back up again to catch a glimpse of this large creature sprinting in a leaning forward motion. It made a thud with each step and was now running past us to another bush area. There were a few kangaroos around but they make a different sound, especially while running. They hop, with gaps in between while in the air.

    After this experience we felt it best to head back as we were a little shaken although excited. We made the long journey back to the car along the bush trails, getting lost several times as a result of total darkness (no torches! Well we didn’t think to use our iPhone light lol) and a bit of fear. We had felt as if something had been following us and as we were ascending back up the hill, a spot light had been turned on from the property beside the trail further up. All of a sudden (and I get a wave of goose bumps just thing about it) we heard a few large thuds right behind us a little further down the track to the left. We froze, and my heart was beating in my throat! Our friend, a big guy who isn’t scared of much outside of the bush, pushed his way to the front of the line almost at a jogging pace. It was an exciting time. Lots more experience but that’s the first visual one, even if it was just a blur.

    Regarding the Finding Bigfoot series, I didn’t mind so much the first series but the second series wasn’t too flash. The only thing I found interesting is that they are doing some traveling outside of the US including a visit to Australia in the third series. Yeah the show is very sensationalized and they are a bunch of ‘tree knockers’ lol but there’s just not much to see on bigfoot or the ‘yowie’ as its known here, so we watch series. Finding Bigfoot won’t find Bigfoot, but the stories from the people they interview are interesting.

    A lot of programs in the US seem to be sensationalized and it is really annoying..edited the crap out of. My partner and I love watching Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Not everyones taste I know but we enjoy it. The UK version had so much more depth and quality to it then the US version. It’s like a home cooked meal vs fast food.

    Long post I know and a bit off topic so ill stop here, but just wanted to say hi and share some our experiences from this part of the world :)


    [Editor’s note: Thank you for sharing your experiences, Don! – Autumn]

  33. Kipp Morrill says:

    My prediction is that the sensation in the media being caused mainly by the “Finding Bigfoot” show will subside some when the show finally runs it’s course. I don’t see the show lasting many more seasons. Not sure where the whole DNA thing will or won’t go but I do believe we are seeing the “hype” peaking right now. Hopefully our forest friends won’t be impacted too negatively in the long run and whatever attention will be of a positive nature. As is so often the case, this negative aspect of this conundrum could be turned into a positive. Perhaps an incredible opprotunity to educate those with a more keen interest in excepting they exist and that we should in fact leave them alone. Just a few random thoughts…..

  34. Regan Lee says:

    Autumn, good for you! Why is it that so much in our culture seems to be a contest? Why make things, such as Sasquatch, a “monster?” TV producers, as you well know, naturally, have their own agendas. It’s not about finding out the honest answers to a mystery, it’s about… whatever weird thing they’ve dreamed up out of a need for greed and ratings. “Truth” be damned. My limited experience with TV producers — in my case, with Mothman — has been dismal. Right off the bat in both cases they told me what they had in mind: Mothman as a “monster,” and so on. Any other stories, witness accounts, etc. dealing with subjects not related — in their view — with Mothman (UFOs, gov. involvement, etc. and I’m not talking conspiracy here but facts) anyway, I know I’m going off on a tangent. Point is, producers have their own spin and it has nothing to do with being sincere. Not to mention the trawling these producers do with not so much as a “thank you” to the researchers and writers and witnesses out there who give of their time and knowledge. Bigfoot is not something to be made into a “monster” (or even a “Squatch” grrrr) or the search turned into a contest for entertainment.

  35. Michael Rynes says:

    Well done -and said- Autumn! I agree with you and hope that one of these days more people will get the idea. At the moment I’m watching Ancient Aliens on H2. They’re exploring the “possible connection between Bigfoot and UFOs”. Yeah. Pretty much as horrible as you probably think. Oh, and as for Alex, you think he had to scramble for his dictionary to find out what egregious means? Somehow I can picture that happening…

  36. Susan says:

    Well done Autumn, glad you have taken that stand. The Sasquatch People will find us, when they want, if they want. It helps greatly if they are treated like intellegent beings, and friends. This is what I have found. Though I think they will show themselves soon on there terms to the general public.

  37. Darin says:

    I was actually asked to participate in the Oregon episode of “Finding Bigfoot” when they came out to Leaberg, here near Eugene, where I live. I turned them down, not wanting to have anything to do with a reality television show that sensationalizes Bigfoot “hunting”, for the lack of a better term for it. (Apparently someone got my name either from my book or my old internet radio show and looked me up.)
    You put him in his place, Autumn. If I had a cookie, I would give it to you. :)
    Bigfooters pitted against one another for a “big cash prize”? Will the madness ever end? Apparently not.

  38. KerryK says:

    Well said!

  39. Randy in WA says:

    The media companies don’t care about you, me or our furry friends. They are money grubbing vermin of the worst kind.

    They’ll find somebody to garb the money they wave around, but those types won’t get within ten miles of Bigfoot.

    What are they gonna do next, put out a million dollar bounty. I hate the media. They can’t tell the truth on the news or even on the time of day.

  40. Meanwhile, a whole new generation of “squatchers” has been created.

    I feel for the guys on Finding Bigfoot (only met the gal once), as I know they do better in real life, especially Cliff and Bobo. They should put their big feet down and insist that the third season do something truly educational and investigative, without all the “hunting” melodrama.

  41. Gail says:

    Thank you, I agree with you. Each of us that know, and have a relationship bond with the forest people. Understand what it is like to be near them. We don’t search for them, we meet up and hang out sorta. I did not learn anything about them from TV. I learned by sitting quietly and listening for any sound of communication. Funny thing is they taught me…they knew me before I knew them.

  42. Henry May says:

    Way to go, Autie!!!!!! I am very proud of you for not taking the offers. You don’t need that kind of pressure or grief, and neither do the Big Guys/gals. Keep up the great work. Love ya. HUGS

  43. Sava says:

    I feel your frustration. I struggle between wanting to try to do something good on Tv, and then knowing they are all a bunch of schemers. It also worries that they will just get the crazy people, and not have any voices of reason at all.
    I understand your frustration, and weariness of them.

  44. James says:

    In a very different context I some years ago was approached by various TV media organisations in the UK about making ‘educational and awareness-raising’ documentaries’ about ‘real lives’ of the young people I worked with. In my naiveity I trusted them at their word and the resultant programmes were exploitative, manipulated, unethical and untrue. Worst of all I found them ultimately abusive of the often fragile young people they puported to ‘truthfully’ represent. Keep well away from them Autumn!!!

  45. miles a says:

    What a lot of comments. Great blog.

  46. Bill Nighthawk says:

    Being Native American we have stories of picking berries with families of so called Bigfoots. My people have a respect and a supernatural fear of these people of the mountains. Just as you Autumn have a dislike (putting it mildly) for those TV shows. You should know that your society has always killed what it fears or doesn’t understand. I wish all researchers had your respect for hairy man. But I do fear that eventually these type of shows will get someone seriously hurt or worse killed. Leave the legend of Bigfoot alone or at least leave it to the original people who hold their connection with Bigfoot sacred. Pilamaya my friends.

  47. Tony odoms says:

    You know, I have been a bigfoot enthusiast my whole life. As I love some tv series on the subject of finding this elusive creature, I feel that the more people that get involved on this reality tv crap the more people are saying ” how can you really believe what you see on the tv series that i am watching”. I think the problem with the series ” finding bigfoot”, is that the one person that is the problem is Matt Moneymaker!! I believe whatever Moneymaker says is really crap! Matt Moneymaker is so unbelievable in the way he presents himself that i am losing interest in the series. I feel that he is doing the creature of legend a very sad injustice. The rest of the crew on the show have some semblence of a brain. There are alot of people out there that have seen, heard and smelt this elusive creature, that have alot more to communicate to the public than just what “they believe is a sasquatch”. To myself and alot of other bigfoot enthusiasts, the term”SQUATCH” is very offensive!!!!! Matt Moneymaker makes it sound as though he is on a first name basis…

  48. Calvin White Sr. says:

    Hi Autumn…. I am with you on this…. the big guy should be left alone…upon doing researching on the big guy…he quite harmless as a person can be…until threatened as a human can be…I have read only 2 people were killed by the big guy… and it was only in self defense…but this happened a long time ago…I say just leave them alone.

  49. Mike Brogan says:

    Way to go , Autumn, “Reality ” TV is the CURSE of Airwaves

  50. kathy n. says:

    I looked forward to the Finding Bigfoot show simply because I like anything Bigfoot. I took it for what its worth and liked the town meetings with the locals. I dont mind being entertained once a week…and why not about the big guy?

  51. Dennis says:

    Thumbs up Autumn! The last sentence in
    your second response sure “hit the nail on
    the head” not only concerning the tv industry but in many areas of our lives as well. Thank you

  52. Pat Robbins says:

    Autumn- thank you for Standing for the Sasquatch. You are a great benifit to the Sas people and a great example how we need to carry ourselves in the time of paradigm shifts and question behaviors; much appreciated. Patrick Robbins

  53. imonacan says:

    I appreciate Autumn’s response. Too much TV network and media misinformation out there now, already. The only thing any “reality” series is going to find.. is ratings.

  54. Vance says:

    Hi Autumn,

    That was the right response and decision as I have had the same inquires. I do Sasquatch sightings investigation for the BCSCC on Vancouver Island in BC. Last year they called up wanting information and help in finding the most recent sightings and I told them the most recent were on the North & southeastern side of the island. The girl says to me, but we are interested in only the ones on the West coast. I tryed to explain to her that those where years old but she insisted on the ones on the west coast so I told her to find someone else.

  55. Ron Lorensen says:

    Autumn you are spot on with your answers! The Networks have no concern for the welfare of these fatastic creatures or anything else that matters. Its all about the money! And unlike other Bigfoot reseachers and organizations who have sold out. You have stayed true to who you are and what you believe.

  56. John says:

    A “find bigfoot competition” tv show? Phenomenally skeevy. And dumb – the producers must be thinking, “Well, Finding Bigfoot is successful, and Survivor is successful, so combining the ideas will bring us great ratings and riches”. I can almost feel my IQ getting lower.

  57. chris johns says:

    way to go autumn.

  58. WCO says:

    I think there’s fool in these woods…..

    Oh btw Alex, there’s more than one “Bigfoot”, and you’ll never get near any of them!


  59. Robert (Bob) Hipp says:

    Short & simple… what I like about you Autumn, is your integrity and forethought on how things could effect the forest giants. Autumn = integrity ;) Good for you!

  60. Robert (Bob) Hipp says:

    A few years ago I was approched by a “reality show” producer to be on a show they were creating and asked if I knew any other researchers that might like to be involved. My answer was simple…. Any researcher with integrity would avoid you like the plague. I’m not trying to mean, It has been our experience that we are generally made to look like crazy fools or gun toting Gomers looking to shoot at anything in site or both, with little attention to the actuall evidence or concern for the forest giants. Most researchers I know are niether of the above and take their work and the forest giants very seriously and care greatly about how both are percieved. Good luck with search but I don’t think you’ll get any responses from legitimate researchers… and as far as I know, they never did… ;)

  61. Mike UK says:

    Well done Autumn, the Ego is a dangerous thing and its admirable to turn down these self promotong avenues in the pursuit of what you feel is right by your heart.

  62. Tom says:

    What a cynic. :) Didn’t they tell you, this time they’ll exploit bigfoot (and YOU) with ever so much more compassion and integrity.

    (Well, I almost kept a straight face.)

    Autumn, you ROCK. Trust your heart. I do.

  63. Barb Bade says:

    I’m so very proud of you Autumn and grateful to your Mom for instilling a firm foundation of integrity, honesty and strength to stand firm in your beliefs. The networks are only interested in making a profit. That’s cool, they are in business to make money. It’s just unfortunate, in my opinion, that the networks idea of entertainment means the content needs to be shallow portraying people to be brainless fools running around the woods being loud and intrusive expecting Big Foot to show themselves… Really? They are a magnificent being deserving of respect in their home environment just as we would expect in ours. So much to be learned and appreciated that will not come from this venue. Thank you for your faithfulness to, as I was taught, the First People.

  64. Llisa Jones says:

    Bravo Autumn! xx

  65. buffalospirit says:

    So glad you told it like it is! :)

  66. Tom Holland says:

    These dumbasses don’t realize that Bifoot, Sasquatch, Forest People, whatever you deem to label them are PEOPLE (possibly not US people) but human in some form all the same. Everyone from the outside world that has NO knowledge of the Big Guy has NO idea that they are NOT animals, as far as what humans consider animals. That being said, kudos to you for your OUTSTANDING ethics concerning these wonderful HUMAN creations of GOD….

  67. pegleg says:

    I want to thank you for sharing that with all of us . We all do share your feelings about this , and I hate the word squatch. I hate it…They couldnt find one if it was standing right in front of them, and it probably has.

  68. Shawn says:

    Well done.

  69. Noel says:

    I loved your response, Autumn. For the rest of us, thanks for standing by your principles. I hate the fact the “researchers” are making such a circus out of the situation.

  70. Bing says:

    A+ right on the mark response to the human monster(s) among us. I could write much about this monster but will keep it brief.

    Reality TV in the context of commerciaizing and expoiting Sasquatch is but another example that shows an obsessive dominance by humans over nonhuman nature. Reality TV instills a cultural paradigm upon millions of viewers that it is acceptable for a technocratic-industrial society to designate humanity as being isolated, separate and in charge of nature. Reality TV is bad medicine and discharges toxic thought.

    Reality in its purest form is this: In wildness is preservation and freedom. The most wild is most natural. Sasquatch is the pure essence of wildness and naturalness.

    Let it be.
    Let Sasquatch be wild and free.

  71. Sarah says:

    Good for you! This so-called “reality” television is ridiculous. There’s no reality in it, people just try to act as badly as they can so the camera will film it. This is what the younger children are growing up with, no wonder they have behavior problems!

    Sasquatch needs to be left alone, granted, I’d love to see one on film or video (other than Patterson). I’m appalled that every idiot with a jeep is out there running around in the woods! It is not a monster, it is a biological creature just like a deer only a little more human-like. We need to undertake careful, respectful searches for it, not running around helter skelter with cameras.

    “Finding Bigfoot” was a joke. I don’t like Matt Moneymaker (just look at his surname). I really got tired of them saying Squatch. I find that disrespectful.

  72. SAR says:


    The concept that everything on television is garbage is mostly true. I think we can all agree that paid programming is annoying at best. But I still like some PBS stuff, and I liked portions of the Ancient Aliens/Bigfoot show that was just broadcast. (It’s on youtube now). Some of it was silly too, but the overall theory of collusion between Bigfoot and Extraterrestrials is worth exploring more deeply, as I think most of us would agree too, that this is not just a leftover branch of human evolution living in our forests and other desolate places, but complicated piece of the overall human story. Watch it, (there’s no commercials!).

  73. Ruben Moralez says:

    Again I have to agree with Autumn but at the same time I have to agree with one of the comments along the line that I have always been interested in Sasquatch since I was a child so anything on Bigfoot with usually catch my interest except for the lame CGI movies that have a Bigfoot leap/flying 1,000 yards to pounce on his human prey. But a Bigfoot reality show contest geeeez how stupid!

  74. Shawnster says:

    No matter what, you are loved, Autumn Williams!
    Thank you!

  75. Terry says:

    Once a person has an experience with something that you are told can not exist by the “masters of logic” you feel you have been given a special gift. It maybe a selfish wish but I almost hope one is never captured , a big chunk of magic and mystery would disappear that day!

  76. Janet (irongranny) says:

    Kudos for Autumn. Hope one is never captured. Back in late ’60s at Calif st fair in sacto, saw “abominable snowman” frozen. Later research revealed capture of 2 in china, one sold to American promoter. No doubt, you’ve heard about that.

    “OWYHEE TRAILS” Mike Hanley (1973) p. 148 Legend of
    bigfoot. Star wilkinson (white/cherokee/black} 6’8.5″ was well known in that forgotten corner of Oregon.

  77. Mark Taylor says:

    I’ve watched a few episodes of Finding Bigfoot and was a little disappointed with the trip where they were driving a ATV with cat tracks like a bat out of hell through a swamp, plowing down six foot tall conifer trees… What the hell was that about? As a former Habitat Restoration professional, it kind of pissed me off to the blatant disregard local flora and fauna… and they really expect that Bigfoot-type creatures are going to interact with them after that display? They kind of come off on television as a bunch of morons… what a disgrace to those of us who’ve actually seen one up close and personal.

  78. Amir says:

    Autumn, YOU ROCK!!

  79. Sam says:

    Once again Autumn, your professionalism and scientific integrity rings true. Truth be told, it really matters not if these creatures are proven by science to exist or not. They have been doing just fine all these years without human intervention and I hope will continue to do so. Keep the faith. Kudos.

  80. Jana says:

    As long as people demand sensationalism from TV, it will be produced at the expense of all things in its way. Money RULES. What you said to him was very honest and direct, but as you said, a “pipe dream”. They will just move on until they get someone with no scruples to “assist”.

    Unfortunately, Finding Bigfoot has created a monster, so to speak, and I think we’ve only seen the beginning. Run, sasquatch, RUN!!!!

  81. Pam says:

    I love to watch anything about bigfoot! I like the show “Finding Bigfoot”. The stories the people tell are fascinating, whether true or not. Don’t worry, they’re not going to find anything with their camera crews and stuff. As far as the term “Squatch” goes, I personally found it endearing toward bigfoot. I’m an enthusiast and I don’t find it offensive at all, it seems affectionate. I’d watch a documentary about bigfoot before I’d watch a reality show, but there aren’t any on during that time slot. I’ll read anything and watch anything bigfoot. :) I just wish I knew for sure.

  82. Valerie says:

    Reality TV … UGH .. It’s a waste of my time! My understanding of these mammals is that they’re pretty shy and timid… so some clowns making loud noise and flashing lights and tearing up Skookum’s living area, are thinking they are gona step out from behind a tree and wave at the camaras and say Hi Mom and Dad ?

  83. Chris says:

    Television is targeted to the masses so, it says a lot about the majority of people we share this world with. It’s pathetic and sad but, it’s the world we live in. For those of us who believe in Sasquatch, we can’t help but like the show for nothing more than the stories and the possibility of hearing or seeing something believable. My kids and I do secretly hope for the episode where Rene gets abducted or Matt gets mauled but, that’s just fantasy.
    I hope for the day that “REAL” documentaries will be produced that approach the subject scientifically and respectfully but, with all the competition and infighting among many of the research groups, I don’t think a collaboration will ever be possible. There are too many people who have invested their time and effort into an endeavor that they see as a claim to fame or a “money maker” and the race to the finish line and the position of their name on the marquis has become more important.
    I do hope that this subject will continue to gain momentum and real proof can be presented to prove the existence of the big ones to protect and respect their existence. I do fear that acknowledgement will lead to fear and eventually bring harm to their people. I only hope that those of you out there with honorable intentions and integrity are given the opportunity to present this reality to the world in a way where it can be accepted and embraced properly.
    Best of luck in your endeavors and Thank You for the truth and honor in your website.

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