Ongoing encounters at The Campground

It began with a sighting by Oregon Bigfoot member Bill in 1971. Along with Bill, members Nancy and Gary have returned each year since 2007 and have provided detailed field reports of their experiences there, including photos and audio files. The members’ media archives have been now updated with part 37 in an ongoing saga in which Bill and Gary returned to “The Campground” once again in the fall of 2011.

“Habituations”, or multiple, ongoing encounters with Sasquatch by long-term witnesses do not always occur at the witness’ homestead. Often, witnesses will find a particular patch of woods that tends to be frequented by our barefoot friends and encounter them repeatedly there. Two other remote habituation cases immediately come to mind – the Sierra Camp, at which Ron Morehead, Alan Berry and the Johnson brothers encountered Sasquatches repeatedly in the early 1970s (the sound files from those encounters are available at Ron Morehead’s site, and the case of the Fitzgerald’s, a family who claimed to have repeatedly encountered Bigfoot at a remote lake in the Oregon Cascades in 1974. The Fitzgerald’s story is available in the book Bigfoot All Over The Country by Marian T. Place . This account has always been of particular interest to me because I’ve spent many summer nights at this lake and encountered some odd things there.





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3 replies on “Ongoing encounters at The Campground”

  1. WCO says:

    Part 37?! Geeze, no wonder I get tired….


  2. Paul T. says:

    This lake wouldn’t happen to be up in the Pamelia Lake area, and up in the higher areas?

    [Editor’s note – No, Paul. It’s not. But there have been a lot of sightings there as well. :)]

  3. Mike says:

    This spot/campground/area is one of my three ‘favorite’ spots. I have had the privalege to camp with Nancy, Bill and Gary at this location and it indeed is a very special and magical area.

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