Question from a reader to long-term witnesses

Question: For those of you that are involved in a “long term” witness situation and have had repeat encounters with this wondrous being; how, may I ask, were you able to contain yourselves in this creatures presence the first time you came face to face with him/her?

I’m a pretty restrained guy, can run fast, and am pretty brave. However, I don’t know what I would do in a situation where I was put in your place.

Witness accounts have varied in saying that Sasquatch can react to a face to face encounter in many different ways. Hostile being one of them. How did you maintain your composure and keep from wetting your pants in that situation? How did you convey a peaceful aura to this creature to keep them from reacting in a hostile or violent manner?

I have no doubt this creature is, by nature, really a gentle soul. But, even the most gentle of souls can react otherwise in the face of the unknown.

Were you frightened?
Did you just accept fate and pray that the outcome would see you safely back home?
Did you even worry about a bad reaction?

My curiosity is killing a herd of cats here.

Please, do tell???

Dennis P. (a true believer)
Fairview, NJ
January 20, 2012


Dennis – Thank you for your question. Inquiries such as this, when worded respectfully as yours was, are a positive way to open a dialogue about the nature of Sasquatch and to encourage witnesses to share valuable personal experience. While I cannot guarantee that the long-term witnesses I work with and those who read this blog will answer, I thought your question was important to post.

If you are a long-term witness and would like to provide an answer to Dennis’ question based upon your own experience, please do so below. Thanks! :)

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32 replies on “Question from a reader to long-term witnesses”

  1. Joe says:

    I have had several encounters the first time I was a child and I was scared to death! Two infants were looking at me through a window. The fear was so intense I was paralyzed. Then a funny thing happen, they both looked at each other then back at me and smiled. All the fear went away and for a moment the emotion was wonder. I did have nightmares for many years over this experience because I did not know what they were. Once I realized they were Bigfoot after I became an adult the nightmares stopped. As a researcher I have been fortunate to look them in the eyes 3 times. Each time I was excited and scared. In one incidence the Bigfoot and I made eye contact, he was hiding in very thick vegetation. His head was turned and was only looking at me with one I, when I recognized him and he sensed it, he slow turned his head and we made direct eye contact. I was so excited that I zoomed my video camera and raised my head up to look at him. At first he had a scowl on his face or he was squinting at me, this made me uncomfortable, but after a moment his expression changed, he relaxed his face and the look he gave me was one of recognition. I started to call out to him, but right after that moment he turned vanished into the brush on all fours. He move faster than anything I have ever witnessed.
    I have never felt threatened but I have a very healthy respect for them.

  2. Johnny B. says:

    I’ve had several encounters, since childhood.
    There can be a paralyzing fear at first, but my curiosity over rides that and I stand my ground.
    When you look in their eyes its terrifying and reassuring at the same time, hard to explain.
    I’ve always assumed they are like people, most are good at heart, and the obligatory small percentage of assholes, so far I’ve dealt with the nice ones I reckon.
    Good luck man.
    Johnny B.

  3. Sava M. says:

    I was very frightened at first, buy they have always been gentle to us. We do leave them treats at the treat stump. When the stump is empty, they will throw small rocks onto the roof of the house. That was a bit weird at first,because we didn’t understand what they were doing and it freaked us out.

    I have actually had one very close encounter with three at one time. Two females, and one male. I was very nervous and scared, but then thrilled too. The two females came right up to me, and they seemed to be very interested in the red fabric of my ski jacket. The male stayed back, and seemed to be the look out. We have now identified most of the family group,and named them to better keep track and for my journal. We have the Old Man, Old Woman, Susie, Ace, new baby(don’t know if its a boy or girl yet), and a young child that is about four feet tall. They keep the young ones protectedand hidden mostly, with only a rare glimpse once in awhile.

    Stuff has been so regularly that we are so used to it now.

  4. maggie says:

    My first encounter was full of wonder and awe. He looked so human I spoke to him. I wa very accepting of him and looking back it surprised me.

    The second sighting and encounter I had was from an angry male. I came across his nest and respectfully backed up and proceeded to leave. He caught up with me snapping tree limbs along the way. He was quick to hide each time I looked back. I allowed myself to act nonchalant even though he zapped me with the unreasonable fear many talk about. I reasoned out of the fear and Jumped while turning in midair to see him below while standing on a morraine ridge. He stopped in his tracks and we looked in each others’ eyes for what seemed to be over one minute. He looked very human except for his hair and black eyes, like a nordic viking. Again, I was not afraid of him at all. I saw kindness in his eyes.

  5. bipedalist onthebff says:

    I observed activity nearly five years ago that ramped up steadily. I had an encounter with multiples (three) but with only one that approached me directly. Since it was after civil twilight or just at, I had been dark-adapted for some time and stationed in a place with a good observation platform. Even dark-adapted when approached within six feet I was terrified and the green eyeglow didn’t help matters alot. I could make out little but the fluid, gliding hunched over motion of the silhouette at distance and unusual eyeshine/eyeglow at distance and closing. Size was smaller but the feeling was these were not juveniles (actually that precipitated more anxiety than had they been seven footers with me: expectation and mental set I guess). Though I could not look into the eyes and make out anatomical detail even at six ft (other than eye characteristics due to glow/shine) as this individual turned their left shoulder to me on lateral approach…. I was able to discern alot about their characteristic method of approach when their anxieties are allayed about a well-known human thought to be of no threat. What started as intense fear/dread, turned into awe/wonder and ultimately respect and acceptance. I’ve since been reinforced many times by sound evidence/captures that makes me quite certain of what had occurred that evening in July of 2007. In some respect the sense of awe, wonder and respect has heightened since then in many respects (there is still occasional fear and trepidation too). It would have been easy to pack it in and “run away” that evening but it took me three weeks of ruminating about placing myself into that position and once I made my decision I was not leaving unless things turned bad (which they did not). Yes, I did have a plan for leaving if things went south. Guess I’ve only dealt with the nice ones but I was tested many times before this evening (tree pushovers twice; growls once; tree-snag shaking at night once; tent approaches once or twice). I can imagine that a random sighting could be very startling as well. Mine was not random and involved a whole other set of conditions to be approached in the manner in which I was. I say if you have a familiar environment, a good heart and a ticker than can withstand the adrenaline rushes…..go for it. I regret not having had a daylight sighting ever but then again, maybe that was just not a part of their plan. Perhaps that is set for another day, time and place.

  6. Cindy says:

    You just sit there, go about your business and act like it is entirely natural. In fact it really is:) In my case they had been observing myself and later my kids for some time (30+YEARS now!!) and they realized we are not a threat to them or that we felt threatened by them so they began to feel confortable with us being there. We simply co-exist with nothing more than a very casual acknowledment of each other.

  7. Tom says:

    Thank you folks for sharing your stories!! I have dreamed, even had nightmares about having an encounter, and how I would react, or convey my thoughts that I am no harm to them, and vice versa. I haven’t had a close up encounter, but have had, while hunting the forest below me come alive with tree shaking and very loud wood knocks. I also had a possible sighting on a remote cabin, but the movement was so quick, and the figure so dark, I truly can’t say what I saw. Although it was in an area “known” for BF activity. My one wish before I die, is that I can have a clear, distinct sighting, or even a positive interaction with these relatives of mine.

  8. Buffalospirit says:

    Wow – this has been such a treat to read about these experiences written from the hearts of the witnesses! Thanks to Dennis for posing the question and thanks to Autumn for making this forum possible. The ongoing blogs are all so heartfelt and truly give us much to think about! Keep ’em coming!

  9. Thom says:

    Let me begin by saying that I distrust “coincidence” where these beings are concerned. There is very little in their world that they do not control or, at least, recognize. If you see one, you were meant to see them. I suppose the odd circumstance occurs that is contrary to this thesis. Statistics would certainly suggest this to be true, but, this said, I firmly believe they will not manifest an encounter until they are confident you can handle it.

    Fear is a very powerful emotion, and it is the one emotion they cannot work through. Therefore, they work very diligently with those whom they desire an ongoing relationship to remove or minimize the potential for fear. Nearly every long term witness I have ever discussed this with and in my own case as well, there was a long period of “chance” sightings… a flash in the woods, an eye peeking around a tree… a track here or there…

    It is my considered opinion that this is the preparation they put one through prior to a face to face confrontation. This is the course my own path took. There were years of just such fleeting glimpses and micro encounters before I was allowed to see one fully. Therefore, by the time it actually happened, I was inured to the effects. By this time, I was anxious for the encounter and it was a fulfillment, not a surprise in any way.

    I think this is the case with most long term witnesses… They appear to us when they think WE are ready to handle it.

  10. Parsell says:

    I have had one deliberate encounter when I was 12. It was broad daylight. The Sas shook the bushes nearby to get my attention. When I turned to look, I just wanted to know what it was I was seeing. He was out in the opening, maybe 50 feet away and we just looked at each other. When his curiosity was satisfied he just disappeared into thin air. I went to the spot where I saw him and found no sign that he had even been there. I shouted into the forest, “Where did
    you go?” I have had other encounters, but they were engaged in things that were of interest to them. They paid me no mind. I felt no fear. I did feel fear once when a red haired fellow looked in my computer window about a year ago. It startled me and I suddenly felt the urge to go to bed. He also move away from the window and dissolved into my screened in porch. Its like they are aware and unthreatened by me. “Oh, thats just Parsell.” I’m ok with that. I would
    not do well going out in the woods with Gary,Bill and Nancy. That would freak me out. But all my life I have had paranormal experiences and so that is normal for me. Parsell

  11. i want to thank all involved for this site and i want to thank everyone who wrote their encounters especially sava m.! i really do believe that they do look to us for food to eat because its hard to get food sometimes especially when their families are involved! i do believe they get upset at times because they don’t feed their families too! people don’t understand the importance of that! if roles were reversed how would you feel if you couldn’t provide a basic necessity for your young? i have had bigfoot nightmares since i was very young and before i knew what they were and i have them as an adult! the one that haunts me is very very big and he wants me for some strange reason and i get scared because i don’t what he wants from me! i have read a lot on them and i do believe their are good ones and bad ones of them just like in our society! we have good humans and bad ones! thank you all and i want too see the family in sava m’s story! thank you and if you see one may it be a god one with a good encounter!!

  12. Ravenmadd says:

    gotta say the creator being blessed you all with such encounters….I’m honestly jealous of the people who commented above…..your not nuts …your so blessed to get close to them

  13. Emailed comment from J: “The first time we heard it coming through the bushes towards us we ran to the house. This happened twice, went back with the camera took pics of the footprints, then started putting apples and peanut butter out and watched them from a distance. It was the greatest sight and experience, they are beautiful creatures and very quiet when they want to be, so you never know if your being watched.”

  14. Emailed comment from Robert W. Morgan:

    “I can only speak for myself, my friend. My first encounter (certainly not my last) was in the Washington State peninsula outside Bremerton near the area around Skokomish. I was pretending to be hunting black bear . . . I had zero intention of shooting anything, but it was my excuse for carrying my new Marlin 30-30. In truth, I had just returned to the States from a 9 month cruise aboard the USS Princeton, CVS-37–I was an Aviation Ordnanceman Petty Office second class. Anything the Navy had that went “boom” was my speciality.

    Anyway, the Princeton needed her hull scraped and repaired in a drydock and I needed to get the hell away from my thousands of shipmates for a tad bit. Any swabbie will agree; it’s not that we don’t care about one another–start a fight with one of us in Yokosuka, Tokyo, Manila or Hong Kong, and you’ll have to contend with their shipmates. Yee-haw! Fun! BUT, at times swabbies do need time alone to regroup. Even an aircraft carrier isn’t big enough to allow true solitude.

    Anyway, in Washington State I had kicked back to enjoy its wild beauty and had damned near snoozed off when I heard and – believe it or not – felt that something was up the slope behind me yet hidden amid clumps of thick brush and sprouting trees. Of course, I stood up to better study the situation but then glimpsed patches of black hair where their owner was browsing among budding leaves. Black? Hmmm. Sure as hell wasn’t deer or elk . . .

    Of course I assumed it was a black bear (and hoping it was not a grizzly). Still, whatever it was, I did not want to “surprise” it. Soooo, I moved away from my rock, tracked the movement with my rifle sights, and gently called out (can’t remember what) to let it know I was there–uh-oh! All movements stopped and then something astonishingly unusual happened. Trust this: I am not a man to be afraid of much (except ex-mothers-in-law!!! yikes!!!!). And, at times, I am not overly cautious; even my Chiricahua Apache adoptive father Ciye Nino Cochise had given me the name (in writing) that translates to “Not Afraid.”

    Welllll, don’t misunderstand; this old dog is no one’s hero; I just lack whatever genes that causes irrational fear. But on that occasion I indeed felt something that I might term as an “extreme caution” that could have dampened my shorts . . .

    Then, suddenly, that “something in the brush” rushed away through that clump of brush. I caught glimpses of black hair–but even in those brief moments my alarm bells went off because those patches of hair were so far off the ground that had it been a bear, that sucker was travelling on its hind legs! Then my visitor broke into an area that allowed me to see it from chest up–that was no bear! Instead, being a city kid from Canton Ohio, I could only describe it as a man-like looking gorilla. True too, all I knew about gorillas was what I had read in my grandfather’s collection of National Geographics, but that dude was NO monkey and no ape, he (or she) was bipedal, hairy, and huge! But what struck me most were the eyes and its facial expression. It was as if he (or she) was as surprised as I was and wondered how the hell I got there!

    To this day I cannot state with any certainty who first broke off our visual contact, but my chips are on myself. What I do know is that I skirted that slope and boogied my tush back to where my car was parked. Interestingly, my compantion had elected to hunt in a different direction, yet he was there waiting for me! We spoke not a word but got the hell out of there. At the first eatery we found we bailed out for lunch. There was a payphone close by so first I called the emergency number for the Highway Patrol, They directed me to the Sheriff’s department for that county where I was asked to “come in to make a complaint.” Yeah, right. I had 60 days left on my enlistment, Byeeee.

    Years later I saw the Roger Patterson film and instantly knew what I had seen. I visited Roger only a month before he passed away of cancer. He was very helpful and encouraged me to contunue my research under The American Anthropological Research Foundation (AARF) a 501-C3 not-for-profit corporation that I own.

    Years passed, but then I learned that my home State of Ohio had its own “woolly-boogers.” Indeed, they do, but they have lived in close proximity with humans to the extent that they can evade them in a heartbeat.

    Now I reside in northwestern Montana. Lots of open space and damned few people, albeit there are no finer folks walking this earth. Interestingly, they are wise enough to leave alone the secrets of the wild and they let the FG’s; they are humanoids who, unlike ourselves, have learned to live in harmony with nature. We have a long way to go.

  15. Emailed comment from Rebel King: “Yes i faced it and stood my ground and stayed calm”.

  16. Arla says:

    I am one of the lucky ones who have known them since my first encounter with a young one when I was 6, so I have not been afraid of them. However, I have been in the woods with many people who were afraid and I can understand that fear creates a lot of thoughts about what you are seeing and what you need to do. I have seen people get over their fear and have wonderful encounters and also seen people stay in fear and have a horrible encounter. The Bigfoot People are awesome and the sheer size of some of them does make every hair on your body stand up. Dennis, one of the things I have seen time and time again is what the person’s thoughts about what the Bigfoot People are has a lot to do with the type of encounter that is had. No matter how many times I see them, it still puts me in a place of awe that is almost overwhelming. I hope I never get over that. Thank you so much for being so respectful. You are a breath of fresh air for those of us who are Long Term Witnesses.

  17. michael says:

    Thank you all for the great answers. They will diffently help me on my future in trying to record or get pictures of bigfoot because I had a very frightening encounter this past Nov where I was stuck between 3 of them screaming back and.forth with the middle one within a 100 feet of me . but its nice to hear they won’t hurt u but being stuck in the terrifying close encounter, within 100 feet the big one close to me did try and whistle at me trying to communate with me in a good way. if anyone would like to share information with me about what they know about whistling please email me
    thank you mike

  18. mike says:

    ive seen him from about quater mile crossing a road one morning,but also have been out at night searching,and caught wing of him while out,dont believe anything you watch on t.v.,like the show bigfoot,i do not believe they brake deers legs to immobilize them like that show presents,get real matt,we all know its just a tv show that you are making money on…

  19. Sava M. says:

    Warren- Thank you for the support. I appreciate it. We never went looking for bigfoot. It seems that they found us. We had been hearing strange calls and noises for years, and we would laugh and joke that it was bigfoot- but we didn’t know. In our case, they really seemed to be attracted by our sons who have special needs. Welive in a remote ares, and they seemed to watch then when the boys were in the woods.

    The young male that we call Ace comes on our porch and enjoys the dog food. It can scare you walking out onto the porch and come face to face with him. :) We have had many great experiences and continue to show them a healthy respect.

  20. Mike Brogan says:

    Wonderful stories , you are so fortunate !

  21. Deano says:

    Truly amazing stuff. But what I find even more interesting is the fact that, with all the above encounters, not one photo! Say it ain’t so.


  22. Dennis P. says:

    Hey Everyone!!!!!!

    I want to say that I am overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and willingness to share their stories here with me and with whomever may pass by this blog. I will also go out and say that these testimonies and kind descriptions have floored me.

    I am not a witness (although I dream about it all the time). I live in the NY/NJ area and for me to get out into the open is very, and increasingly, difficult. I have been interested in these people (meaning Bigfoot) ever since I was a child and my interest has only grown as I have grown which is more and more with each passing year. The more I study, the more I learn and what I have learned has been echoed so beautifully by you wonderful and generous souls that have answered my question.

    I was taking a shot, hoping not to offend anyone with the wording of the question (or the question itself) as I know the experiences you have had are of a deeply personal and (I’m sure you will all agree) spiritual nature. I crossed my fingers as I tapped out my inquery.

    But, I HAD to ask this question as there has been alot about this race of people recently. The current hit TV show on ANIMAL PLANET called FINDING BIGFOOT talks about many things. It talks about how they communicate (wood knocking, howling), how they move and hide. All of the people that have witnessed this creature and testify on the show talk about there meetings being “frightening” or “hair-raising”, but never one of awe or nature tempered peace.

    As Terrence Malick spoke of in his film “THE TREE OF LIFE”, we have but to make the choice of living on this planet by the ways of nature (meaning that we fall in line with society and the thinking of the masses in order to survive)or the ways of grace (meaning that we live with an open mind and take each day as a new experience). Nowhere on FINDING BIGFOOT have the ideals of experiencing these creatures by the ways of “grace” ever been spoken of or portrayed. Each sighting or contact has always been lumped onto the “fear” or “fright” pile.

    I cannot believe, regardless to what the show supposedly says is true, that every encounter was of a horrific nature. This is why I felt I needed to pose this question. So many people make the uneducated judgement that these creatures are “monsters” and it’s shows like FINDING BIGFOOT that I feel nuture this misconception.

    Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad show, there are things about it I both LOVE and hate. However, I think when the person new to the subject of Sasquatch comes in blind and sees a show like that they fall into the misguided notion that any encounter with this being is immediately going to be a bad thing if you’re not a trained expert on the subject.

    First off, there are NO trained experts on the subject of BIGFOOT simply because so many think he/she does not exist. Secondly, if there really are experts on the subject then they are most definately the people, the LONG TERM WITNESSES, that move and live with the forest people on a regular basis.

    So, again, I’d like to thank you all for you people are the real experts. I’d like to think that people interested in this subject or, perhaps, people who have seen this creature and don’t know what to make of it, can come here to this blog on this wonderful site and get an answer from the question posed.

    You people really are remarkable and I cannot thank you all enough for coming to my rescue on this point. Shout outs to everyone and (if I may be so bold), a particular big “thank you” to SAVA for his amazing account and to Cindy for being so up front in how to handle the moment if it should ever happen to me.

    Oh, and also to Thom. “Yeah, man, I distrust coincidence most of the time too. Great points made there…

    Finally, I wanted to thank Autumn for posting my question so prominently. I was really just hoping it would go up on the blog somewhere and maybe I would get lucky and receive an answer or two. Going out and posting it as a feature was going beyond my hopes and I have to say that I am totally flattered that you thought enough of it to do what you did. Thank you. I like to think I have found a new friend.

    …and to you all…

    Thank you.

    My Friends.

    Dennis P. (A TRUE BELIEVER)
    Fairview N. J.
    January 23, 2012

  23. Dennis P. says:

    Also: I just reread Arla’s wonderful response and I wanted to make it a point to send a shout out. Thank you for the lovely response and the details on how to guide myself through something like this if it should ever happen to me…

    Really, you have all been wonderful!!!!

    Dennis P.

  24. markt says:

    I have not actually seen one yet but have been near them. In the summer of 2010 I was making recordings of a stream where I live and heard several grunts. I thought it was the black bears I had been seeing. In January of 2011 there was a little snow on the ground and it was chilly and rainy. I had walked down to the same area and the temperature was about 37-38 and humid. As I rounded a corner I felt a very warm gush of air on my neck and thought it rather odd. I had my camera with me and was taking pictures and found some tracks that I could not explain. It was January and in the snow was some distinct footprints. I sent the pictures to Autumn, whom I had never contacted before, and she told me it looked like an adolescent or teenager! I was shocked! Since then I have called to them and had them sort of whistle back sometimes at night and there has been two sets of tracks in the mud near our cabin in what appeared to be a mom and baby! I am very hopeful that I will be able to make contact with them as they have been by our place several times during the past year! I think they enjoy my flute music!

  25. i am amazed at you long term witnesses and i really believe you are blessed individuals!! when i get healthy again i want to see one or a few on a friendly scenery and my recovery from physical issues will take a bit but i encourage all who seen one for many sightings or just one sighting please step up and share your story for all to read! please and thank you for all who have shared! you all are not alone and thru this site you all will never be alone! !thank you all so much for your stories!

  26. Sarah says:

    I was wondering if any of the long-term witnesses had ever gotten close enough to touch one of them. If so, was there a feeling of “connection” or did they shy away?

  27. Linda Thompson says:

    This is a wonderful subject for discussion. Thank you. I have had several “encounters” in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The first four incidents were very frightening for me…. the fear of the unknown. But I sought out others with experience who helped me over-come my fear and their confidence and our numbers bolstered my courage. The Forest People tried to drive us away using various tactics but at no time were actually threatening or harmful in any way. A partner observed them laying on the ground and calmly peeking at us from behind a tree. They were not poised to leap and attack….they were peaceful and curious. I had an epiphany… they are harmless. They will do things to see how you react to ensure that you are not dangerous to them, but they have never done anything that truly endangered me in the least. After this, I have sought them alone. I have learned ways to entice them to come in during the day….it is less creepy for me and I can be more observant of their behavior. It does induce great fear initially, but I recognize the fear and instead of pushing the fear away, I grasp it, embrace it and push through it. I will be covered in goose bumps and a body rush of fear will pulse through me but I embrace it, accept it and push beyond it to a refreshing calm where I can relax. The Forest People seem to recognize this somehow and relax themselves. I am then filled with an intense joy that is impossible to describe. I am overwhelmed with a feeling of love pulsing through me and outward which I direct toward the Forest People because, truly, I have loved them since I was a child and first was captivated by their existence. I stand my ground, emanate love and joy out to them and it returns to me from them. They seem to love courage and honor it. I sense that they are like me….they want love, acceptance, understanding and yearn for fearless trust, friendship and “good will”. But that trust must be earned by giving it fearlessly.
    Thank you, Autumn, for the opportunity to share this most wonderful experience and my greatest teaching from the Forest People I have had so far; fear needn’t be a roadblock…it is just an obstacle to be acknowledged and stepped beyond.

  28. Rick says:

    These have been fascinating comments to read. I have a question, especially for Sava. What do they look like up close? Can you describe them in great detail? I’ve read that they have black noses. Is that true? What are their hands and feet like? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks,

  29. Bruce says:

    WOW! More long term witnesses out there than I ever would have believed. My time for a visual is coming closer. We will be up at the cabin in two weeks. I want to believe I could stay put outside and wait to see if they make a visit. This time of year with snow on the ground and leaves down, it may make seeing one a distinct possibility. They know this too and will wait til waaay after dark to approach. I need Arla here to keep me rooted in the chair! Great stories by everyone. Hope to read more.

  30. Victoria says:

    These were amazing to read! I’ve always wondered how I would feel if I saw one. I think I would probably freak out or be super happy. It is so amazing to me that they are out there!

  31. Sean71 says:

    Some really good replies on here and some are not so good. Myself, I have traveled all over the world for fun and during my career in the U.S. Army. People react in different ways to different things and situations. Myself, when I see animals in the wild, I’m more curious and like watching them no matter the animal. I have lived in Alaska and had encounters with numerous bear, encounters with mountain cats in Canada and different wild life in Europe, Central America and the Middle East. I was never chased or attacked by any animal during any of these encounters including huge jungle snakes in Central America. Others that were with me at times acted in different ways. Some ran, some screamed, some turned white as ghosts and some like myself stood and watched with wide open eyes and jaws dropped. Even in combat, I saw humans react in more ways that I can remember or care to. The point I am trying to make is this: We are all different in our reactions to things. An example of this would include my grandfather catching a large Muskee while boat fishing in the 80’s. After catching the very large fish, another boater approached and then another and so on. My grandfather released the huge fish to everyone’s disbelief. We were fishing, not trophy hunting.
    In 1995 while serving in Idaho with the Army, I and fellow Army pals were in the Hells Canyon and I myself had an encounter with an animal that I never saw before and doubt with all reason I will never see again. I still go exploring all over the North American Continent and others on our globe. Just because I saw an animal that doesn’t fit into the animal chain on a trail up a ravine in Hells Canyon doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that there are species that are yet to be validated and confirmed by our government and wildlife biologists.
    The animal wasn’t 9 foot tall and hairy and stinky with fangs howling and screaming. It was simply climbing around a tree the same way they I have observed them in zoo’s all over. The encounter wasn’t close; rather 70 meters and it was a small creature/animal but it didnt and does not haunt or scare me today. It intrigues me, and from what I read there are others that were left with the same experience and feelings. I was never chased or attacked or scared to where I ran for my life but I was changed as a person and a citizen. I was a witness to a small primate like animal that iether escaped from someones home or zoo or for reasons beyond me has lived in the area I was visiting. My brother and his wife are moving to Orifino, Idaho this Fall. I will be helping them move there from here in Michigan. I plan on seeing Idaho and Oregon and enjoying the wild outdoors as I have in past years on my visits. I plan to enter the forests and canyons and mountains unimpeeded by the encounter that I had in 1995. I wasnt looking for anything special that day, I just happened upon something unique. I dont plan on seeing anything like it again. It didnt scare me, it intrigued me. I believe nature can adjust its creatures just as it adjusted us humans to fit into the big picture.

  32. Nicki says:

    I was sent a link to this page by a friend, mentor of sorts, and fellow Sasquatch researcher, for lack of a better term. My friend introduced me to the concept of a large, native humanoid that was living among the forests that I have been exploring, foraging, and admiring for the majority of my 28 years. He suggested that I attempt contact with these forest people, at my comfort level, expecting nothing but welcoming more than I could even imagine. I have only recently worked up the nerve to initiate contact, and I found a very definite communication was entirely possible. I don’t know if I have stumbled upon this path we know as the encounter seeking curious humans by chance or fate… but I do know they won’t advance the level of contact until they trust I am ready to handle it. Slowly but surely they are getting to know me, and I them. So far I have not had any face to face contact, just trading rock clacking from the other side of the hill in the woods where we have been safe from other humans. But I look forward to more and more. The first time they responded, I was initially terrified. – what had I gotten myself I to? Then I realized they were keeping a few hundred feet between us because they didn’t want me to feel unsafe. And finally I felt an incredible sense of wonder and mostly gratitude that I was fortunate enough to have that moment.

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