Something stinks… and it ain’t bigfoot

OK. I’m almost done with this mess.

This wouldn’t be such an issue if:

A) I hadn’t spent so much time and gas money following up on these reported local sightings

B) Linda would come clean or the real Bill Emery would please stand up

C) This wasn’t happening right here in my backyard AND

D) I didn’t hate the smell of fish

See, there’s a bunch of fishiness going on over at Ballyhoo, and Linda apparently has no interest in getting to the bottom of it. I, however, do., if only for the reasons mentioned above. Stick with me, if you can handle the smell of fish.


Back when Bill Emery was supposedly contacting Linda from the field, a little alarm bell went off in my head. It got louder when I visited Sru Lake myself. Why? There was no cell signal. None. I’ve got a web-enabled Blackberry with AT&T, and I couldn’t get a cell signal out there. Yet Bill supposedly sent Linda the following on August 2nd:

“Hello Linda,Chris and readers. I’m just sitting down to write you the latest from last night. Our visitor returned. At 1:30 AM the terrible smell was present once again with all three of us outside with no lights on. Again as the night before, we heard the sound of something in the timberline breaking limbs. Whatever it was never came in closer.

This morning at 5 O’clock we found all of the smoked salmon bait gone and two trailcams activated with 12 shots one and 3 on the other. Two other cams are gone from the trees where they were placed but found some forty feet away on the ground.

Hank has gone to town to get the cams opened and see what we got. Yesterday we noticed the area was devoid of deer. Will update later this day.”

“Hank has gone to town…” Implying that Bill is NOT in town. I’m confused. How could Bill Emery send Linda an email, or post a comment on her blog, from a remote wilderness where no cell phone works and there’s no data coverage? You would think, at some point, Linda Newton-Perry would have asked Bill that question. I sure would like to know.

Here is an map from Google Earth, overlaid with a coverage map from AT&T. The red mark is Sru Lake. The blue areas are DATA coverage, which would allow someone to access an online site like Linda’s blog and leave comments, as Bill and his team purportedly were. As you can see, Sru Lake is NOT within the coverage area, as I determined during my first visit there with Rowan and Mom on August 4th, 2010. (Click to enlarge)



Later that day, Linda posted the following from Bill:

“Well once again we have failed to capture on cam what is making the noise and smell up here. All of the shots are sheer mud and I can’t see anything on them that looks like anything. The cams pulled off the trees show the ground and blurry brush. The one with most of the shots on it malfunctioned and no image is present.Tonight we will do it again with more fish and elk meat. These cams are activated by heat and movement so any animal can trigger them if they’re eight ft tall.

Can’t think of any animal that meets that height except bigfoot.I will mail the best shot to Linda but really it isn’t very good. Will update tomorrow morning…”

Linda posted the following photo that day. I post it here EXACTLY as it was posted on Ballyhoo:


Now despite the fact that  Linda was asked many times in the comments section of her blog why the supposed “bigfoot” photo is blown up, horribly pixelated and cropped, and why the original photo, with the PROPER RESOLUTION AND PROPORTIONS OF A GAME CAMERA PHOTOGRAPH was never posted, she never replied. Nor did Emery or any of his team.

The next day, Bill sends her this:

“Last night was very weird to say the least. Noises and cries filled the mountainside. This am we checked the trail cams and found #3 had been activated at a height of 9.5 feet. The image is startling to me. It shows a eye and nose and a head but not so clear. The right eye is missing as described by people who have seen this bigfoot.This could be the break I was hoping for. I have emailed Linda the image as seen on trailcam and she will post it. Remember we have no way of knowing if the image is that bigfoot but I believe it is. We used a non flash activator to get it. Flashes are worthless in the night with moving objects. Also the salmom bait was gone by the #3 cam.Will update later. I’m getting the image enhanced this AM.”

Here is THAT supposed image of a Bigfoot, exactly as it was posted, entitled “traican03_1134pmpst”, conceivably meaning “Trail Cam 03: 11:34 pm PST”:

traican03 1134pmpst

Linda had increased the size slightly on her blog page, but this is the actual size of the uploaded photo. This was, subsequently, referred to as the “face” photo on her blog. Readers were claiming that the “white stuff” near the bottom of the photo was “steam” coming out of its “mouth” and that one could clearly see an injured eye.

Remember, this is the photo supposedly sent to her by Bill Emery from the field, from game cam #3.

Linda also posted on that day that she was “Proud to be a part” of “Bigfoot history”. Again: Why  was the original photo, with the PROPER RESOLUTION AND PROPORTIONS OF A GAME CAMERA PHOTOGRAPH never posted?

I’ll show you why. Looks like “bigfoot history”, all right.

This is an enhancement of frame 350 of the Patterson/Gimlin film.


Do you see it yet? No? How about if I do this?


Not yet, huh? Okay… how about if we darken it and add a little blur?


How about now? Do you see it now? No? All right. What if we take this portion right here:


And crop it?


Now let’s compare.

Here’s “Bill Emery’s photo”, posted on Linda’s blog. I’m outlining it in blue so we can recognize it easily, and enlarged it a bit to make it easier to see.


And here, again, is my crop from the Patterson/Gimlin film, frame 350, the same size.


Despite the fact that the resolution on mine is clearer (less pixelated), it’s the SAME IMAGE.

Finally, let’s take “Bill Emery’s” photo and superimpose it onto Frame 350:


Ding ding ding! Looks like we have a winner, folks!

It’s a face, all right. What many of us believe to be the face of an actual Sasquatch. But just a little piece of it.

(*Cough* copyrightinfringement *cough*….. Ahem.)

I take no credit for discovering this. A friend of mine did. Linda was contacted via email on August 3rd by email and informed that the above photo in question was a crop from Frame 350. This is what was sent to Linda on August 3rd at 10:20 p.m.: “Mr. Emery’s photo is actually a cropped, close-up version of frame 350 from the Patterson/Gimlin film that has been flipped on its horizontal axis.  I was unsure at first, but I created my own version of that same photograph.  I’ll attach it for comparison, and as you will see it is clearly the same photo down to the shadows, photographic “noise,” and glint in the creature’s eye.”

Linda’s response? ” If this is your belief, I welcome a comment on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.”

Did she even bother to investigate that it might be the case? Did she post anything on the website about the fact that there was question about the photo? Apparently not. Yet her next blog post, at 11:04 p.m., was headlined:

“No Matter the Truth, We Must Find it. It Must be Made Known.”

Bill Emery gives us further information on this picture:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Bill Emery

I emailed Linda a enhanced version of the trailcam image. I don’t think there’s any mistake here. I believe this is a real living bigfoot looking directly into the trailcam. The nose, eyes and head are clear enough to see the white hair below the nose.

I an back up on the mountain now getting positioned for tonight. I will be watching the blog to hear all of your remarks so let um fly!

I always listen to all of you and value your suggestions.

Here are the reading from trailcam.#3 height of placement 9.5 ft temp of image engagement 100.4 degrees. motion from northeast to southwest at 2 mile per hr. cam sealed at time of engagement. cam sealed at 5AM.

So the cam that contained a cropped partial photo of the Patterson face was sealed?

When Linda supposedly heard back from “Bill” on the 5th, this was what he had to say about it.

“As I told Linda the cam was sealed and open in front of a officer of law.

Amusingly, the Ballyhoo blog readers caught wind of the claim that the photo was hoaxed and began to accuse the individual who discovered the hoax of taking Bill Emery’s photo and manipulating it!

Okay. Enough about the hoaxed photos. Moving on…


What about the people Linda Newton-Perry writes about on her blog?

Well, let’s have a look.

“Squatch Detective” Steve Kulls determined that “Dale Saxton”, who supposedly has been commenting on Linda’s blog since it’s inception in late 2009, and who supposedly died on February 11, 2010, could not be located in the Social Security death index. In fact, he said, no Dale Saxton appears in the death index since 2003.

You can read Steve’s blog about that here.

I checked it myself to verify it by visiting this link. (Click the image to enlarge)


However, I wanted to check the accuracy of this source. So I entered my grandfather’s name, who passed away a few months ago.

He’s not listed, either. (Click the image to enlarge)


So that tells me that this source cannot necessarily confirm or deny the existence of Dale Saxton based upon a death record.

I checked another source, and found no deaths of Dale Saxton more recent than 2006.  (Click the image to enlarge)


But Gramps wasn’t listed on that one, either.

These websites depend upon a single master file, the Social Security Death Index. But they aren’t the SSDI website itself, so who knows how frequently they’re updated. And the official SSDI website states, “All data in the Death Master File is voluntarily reported; it is possible that a record will not exist in the database even if you are certain the individual is deceased.”

So that’s a bit of a dead-end… so to speak.

If verifying Dale Saxton’s death wasn’t an option, maybe I could verify that he ever lived. is a database that allows you to look up information on anyone. The free information includes all available records and offers previous cities and states in which a person has lived, and records of other people who are associated with them, and is usually sufficient to determine that someone really is who they say they are. I’ve used it many times in the past in order to verify the identity of a witness.

And it works. Here… let’s look at my listing:


There are THREE different listings for me there (highlighted in yellow). It lists places I’ve lived, both here in Oregon and in Minnesota. It lists my mother, my ex-husband (Robert), even HIS ex-wife (Diane), as related people. It even shows my age on one of the listings. (Don’t laugh.) It’s pretty darned accurate. You don’t have to have a wide web presence in order to be listed on here. In fact, you don’t need one at all. Try it yourself, and see if you’re listed.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the key names in the Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog saga.

First, Mr. Dale Saxton. Click on the image below and look closely:


On the Ballyhoo site, it clearly states that Dale Saxton died at the age of 78. Although there are five entries for “Dale Saxton” in Oregon, there is not ONE listing for a Dale Saxton in that age range. Remember, this doesn’t look at whether someone died, but whether they showed up on the radar while alive. These records are thorough, and I’ve never NOT been able to find someone who did exist. (Yes, including Mike in Florida. I found it easy to verify that he was who he said he was.)

More proof that this is a viable source, even if someone has recently passed? Here’s the listing for my Gramps. (Click the image to enlarge)


Please note that it also lists my Gram (Virginia). Just as mine had listed my ex-husband. That’s important to keep in mind, because I not only searched for the key players on Ballyhoo, but also their purported spouses when full names were given.

So according to this site, there never has been a Dale Saxton born in 1932 or 1933 who has lived in Oregon.


On Ballyhoo, Bill Emery posted the following:

This is no doubt the worst day of my adult life. Dale Saxton died this afternoon in surgery for lung cancer and a blood clot at age 78. Dale would want all of us to keep up searching for bigfoot. I will. Dale will be cremated and ashes spread over the mountains in which he so dearly loved. At his request no services will be held for him. On behalf of his wife Marsha, daughters Mary,Tonya, Cheryl and twins Kari a Cole, youngest Axel and his 14 grandchildren and 6 great grand kids.

I didn’t bother to look up any of the daughters, since women get married and their last names change. But according to this, Dale Saxton’s wife’s name was Marsha, and Saxton was her married name. So I looked her up.


Nothing. No “Marsha Saxton” in Oregon.

I checked the 24 Nationwide records to cross-reference a “Dale Saxton” listed as spouse.

Here’s a list of all people related to anyone named “Marsha Saxton”.


No Dale. No son Cole.


Cole Saxton’s brother is named “Axle” according to his biography on the Bigfoot Ballyhoo website.



Now let’s look at Cole. He’s one of the major players in this story, one of Bill Emery’s “team” and someone who purportedly comments to Bigfoot Ballyhoo on a fairly regular basis. (Click image to enlarge)


According to, there is no one named Cole Saxton in Oregon. Never has been. What’s more, when we look at the relatives for the Cole Saxtons who do exist elsewhere in the country, Dale and Marsha are not listed. (Remember, my mother was listed on my entry.) There is an R. Cole Saxton related to Cole R Saxton… and now we’re just going in circles. *grin*



Let’s look at another of the “team”, who posts regularly: Hank Parchell.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

“Hank” is a nickname for Henry. Notice above that there are also ZERO RECORDS NATIONWIDE for “Henry Parchell”. There isn’t even an H. Parchell, for crying out loud. So much for that.


Now, let’s look at the key player in all of this, because it has been billed, after all, as “Bill Emery’s” team.

But before we look at Bill Emery, please make note of his “wife”, Dakota Emery, who has purportedly posted on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. And his “daughter”, Mary Rondeu, who recently posted a snarky message directed at me and a couple of others. Got those names? Good. Now let’s dig.

First, Bill Emery. There are a few of them in Oregon. We can remove those who are listed as being in their 30’s, since the photo of “Bill Emery” is obviously older than that.

I see six potentially viable candidates here:


A search for “William Emery” nets even more. (The results are too large to post here, but you can see them for yourself by going to and searching for William Emery in Oregon.)

Of the results, not ONE of them mentions a wife named Dakota Emery or a daughter named Mary Rondeu… and Mary is a pretty common name.

In this article, Bill Emery gives his history. He says he was born in Cody, WY. Lived in Coos Bay, OR in 1967.  Dakota (his wife) lived in Grants Pass. They married and moved to Otis, OR. In 1983, he went to Alaska to work. 1985, back to Josephine County, OR, where he worked with Dale Saxton (of whom I cannot locate any record).


Upon conducting a web search for “Bill Emery” and “Bigfoot”, the only references I was able to find were on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, or websites which directed me back to Bigfoot Ballyhoo. In other words, Bill Emery only exists directly in the online bigfoot world on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Okay… now let’s have a look at those supposedly related to Bill Emery.

Dakota Emery posted on Ballyhoo as Bill’s wife. (Click to enlarge)


No Dakota Emery in Oregon. There IS one listed in Anchorage, AK, which is where Bill mentioned he lived in 1983, but the only relatives listed are Joanne K Emery and Larry D Emery. Interestingly, there is also a Cole Saxton listed for Anchorage… with relatives listed as Ralph C Saxton
and Jacqueline J Saxton (41). NO Dale Saxton listed for Alaska.

Finally, let’s have a look at Mary Rondeu, who claims to be Bill Emery’s daughter.


According to, there are no listings in Oregon, or anywhere in the nation for that matter, for a “Mary Rondeu”.


I decided to keep going. What about the other people who had posted on the Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog?

Gordon Paison, who posted that he was there during the 1962 Columbus Day event.


Sam Cartwright, who was listed as a government tracker and is mentioned by Bill Emery here and by Dale Saxton here:


In fact, a web search for “Sam Cartwright” and USFS brought only these three results, which are all Bigfoot Ballyhoo, or mentions of Bigfoot Ballyhoo.


On September 20, 2010, a “Sam Daniels” commented about an attorney he spoke with named “Dawn Salines” in regards to the purported 1962 Columbus Day photos.

A search for “Dawn Salines” at UsIntellus nets NO result:


A Yahoo search for “Dawn Salines” and “attorney” nets this, and this ONLY and… you guessed it… it’s from the “Sam Daniels” post Bigfoot Ballyhoo (click image to enlarge):


I find it difficult to believe that an attorney wouldn’t advertise.

So what exactly is going on here?

I’ll leave it up to you to make up your mind.But, honestly, shouldn’t Linda Newton-Perry be doing this research, rather than others doing it for her? Or at least be thankful that someone is? She has stated that she has only had email contact with these people… apparently not even a phone call. Does she have no interest in determining the truth?

Let’s recap.

I could not get any cell coverage at Sru Lake.

The “face photo” was clearly a cropped piece of the Patterson/Gilmin film, frame 350.


So what exactly is going on here? Who ARE these people, none of whom appear to exist in a simple public records search that lists any actual person you can think of, whose trail always leads back to Bigfoot Ballyhoo and ONLY Bigfoot Ballyhoo?

I’ll leave it up to you to form your own opinion.

don_t_be_an_asshat__by_robertFor the record, I do not personally know Linda Newton-Perry and have nothing against her personally. I do, however, feel that her investigation of disseminated information is poor at best, and I feel and understandable suspicion regarding her role in all of the sensationalistic “news” she has published on her blog since its inception. That is my own personal opinion. By investigating these claims further, I’m simply trying to get to the bottom of something that has already cost me a great deal of time and money – two things I have precious little of.

For what it’s worth, I also do not condone or agree with those who are attacking Linda personally. That includes comments about her age, her mental health, etc. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s ideas, opinions, or the way someone conducts themselves professionally. That’s all fair game. But some of the commenters on her blog as well as some of the folks in the bigfoot community are stooping to embarrassing levels in their attacks. Stick to the facts, folks. Share your opinions about someone’s professional choices. But don’t be an asshat, ok? It makes all of us look bad.

That said, Linda has recently added a new disclaimer to the top of the blog:

Disclaimer: Bigfoot Ballyhoo can not guarantee that all comments are 100% true or accurate.

OK. Fair enough. Except I have a problem with this. It’s one thing to post something innocently, not realizing it’s a hoax. But when people are telling you it’s a hoax and are in fact showing you PROOF of that, wouldn’t you care at some point to look into it more deeply, rather than continuing blindly to blog about it, pass it off as “news”, and steadfastly maintain that you believe that Bill Emery does, in fact, still have 3 very clear photographs that you just haven’t seen yet?

If there is THIS much discrepancy, and a blogger who refuses to take any interest in investigating the veracity of that which she reports when it’s clearly been shown to be suspect, why read Bigfoot Ballyhoo at all?

I, for one, will not anymore, unless evidence contradicting all of the above comes to light.

A final word: If Bill Emery does in fact exist, I invite him to contact me at the email link below. I would be happy to, in person, verify his identity and that of the other individuals mentioned above. And if anyone else has evidence that these people exist, please feel free to email me below. Like I’ve always said… I don’t mind the truth being one thing or another. I’d just like to know what the heck the TRUTH is.

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