Would you put the camera down?

Uploaded today to the members’ multimedia archives: An hour-long interview with a law enforcement officer who was a childhood witness, became a bigfoot researcher, and then put the technology away and became a witness once again. Find out what happened when he put the camera down…

If you were given the opportunity of having a close-up interaction with a Bigfoot, but could only do so without recording your encounter, would you put your camera away? How difficult would you find it to do so?

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34 replies on “Would you put the camera down?”

  1. Al Thound says:

    My wife had no camera last August when she saw one at our doghouse in the moonlight. She felt a sense of kinship. She said she was glad it was a sasquatch and not some person out there in our yard. She felt no need to get a picture. She wants it to come back.

  2. Johnny B. says:

    Not a problem! I never have a bunch of gear,just my pack and sometimes my dog as well.
    Hell, I don’t even own a camera, just phone cam.
    Guess that’s why I see ’em!

  3. Darin says:

    I would put my camera away. If a camera precluded me from having an encounter, then the camera would be gone. I would want to have an encounter more for my own self-satisfaction (?) than I would to actually prove to other people that I have had an encounter. Autumn, you once said that those of us who have seen one have nothing to prove to anyone else. I still follow that today.
    I always tell people that if they want to have an encounter, they should go to an area where there has been a lot of activity, sit against a tree, and read a book (Ipod optional.). The more you are there, they will make themselves known to you if they feel that your presence is nonthreatening. It will take a while to build that trust. Because that is what it is all about: trust.
    Nuff said.

  4. Heinz Loewen says:

    You Betcha, I would and could…

  5. bipedalist onthebff says:

    I’m convinced the only reason I had a sighting is because I refused to try to use high tech photo capture devices the evening of my opportunity. So yes, it is a strategy that works for some.

  6. Ron Lorensen says:

    Without a doubt I would put the camera away!! To interact with these magnificent creature would be a dream of a lifetime.

  7. every time i go out looking for the “foot” i carry 2-3 trail cammeras,hand held digital camera,night vision,parabolic microphone,recording equipment,and hand held gps,as well as a spot light and a back up spotlight,yes i would give every bit of it up for just one face to face encounter with the old boy(or female),i’ve been doing bigfoot research for eighteen years now,when you have been doing bigfoot research as long as i have or longer you can clearly see that it is a passion inside a person who has been doing bigfoot research for so long,in all eighteen years i’ve had two sightings,but never my face to face yet.

  8. Dan V. says:

    *I would carry the biggest, baddest camera in the Pacific Northwest. A high power telephoto and a high resolution digital wonder with FLIR and night vision capabilities would be the technology of the day. I just hope I could carry it at the ready at all times while trekking in the woods. A backpack is no place for a big digital camera with one of those huge 5 pound telephoto lenses. Camoflauge and human scent block are also on my list of must haves on a BF expedition in the woods.
    However .. back to the original question. Would I put all this stuff away in order to interact with a BF? Absolutely … without a doubt, … in a heartbeat. I would do the same for a chance at witnessing a close encounter with a UFO or ET visitor also. I just need to witness things for myself … I don’t feel a need to prove anything to the world. I too, am a retired cop … and I know there are a million ways to find evidence at the scene to corroborate my story … if I felt the need to do so.

  9. buffalospirit says:

    Nice to read such heartfelt comments!

  10. Carol says:

    Well, looks like we’re all pretty much in the same place! When first i started hearing them, i did want others to believe me. Now that has changed… i still tell people about my experiences, but i really have nothing invested in their belief or disbelief, and that feels very right.
    No need to use devices if it keeps them away!

  11. Mick says:

    I would definitely put the camera down – no contest. It makes me sad sometimes, people looking at a sunset, or a bird hopping around looking for food… so many people so worried about getting a picture of whatever it is, that they never really *see* it. Even if they don’t miss the photo opportunity, they only ever see the world through a camera lens. Like looking at a rainbow in black & white.

    I’ve always wondered about just going into an area where there had been a lot of recent sightings, somewhere off the beaten path, and just sitting down with your back to a tree, and reading, as Darin said. Sadly, I’ve never had the opportunity… very glad to hear it’s a viable idea though.

  12. SQUATCHHUNTER1 says:

    gotta agree , only time i found anything substantial , I didn’t have a camera on me either!I honestly feel that they ar aware , somehow , that they intentionally avoid people photographing them. Maybe cameras look like a form of weapon , since it is pointed at them.Others*(TimberGiant)have had good resuls by pointing the camera in another direction than he is looking,which tells me they make a move when they feel you are looking away!Again…a strategically and mentally superior species.

  13. pegleg says:

    I could easily put it down.. I,ve seen him once without a camera, and thats all I need to know. That picture in my mind is good enough for me .

  14. Linda Thompson says:

    What camera? It’s just me, my lawn chair and lunch …enjoying a beautiful day:o) Umm, maybe my harmonica, too.

  15. Beth says:

    I would put everything down and away …..no doubt about it…. and I am a photographer. Bottom line… I honor them. I can photograph landscapes later in another place.

  16. Paul says:

    Absolutely! One thing I do have is a small ball that has a light in it. If something was tossing rocks my direction, and it was behind me, I would turn it on, and throw in back with out looking. Just to see if it were thrown back. If it were, I would turn it off, then say thank you my friend. “In a place where you are observed, by the unknown, Beknownst to the Observer, they know more about you, then you know about them.”

  17. Nyla says:

    Yes, definitely would leave all recording gear behind if it meant opportunity to have a close-up interaction with a Sasquatch. The one time I was fortunate enough to have a seemingly lengthy(about 8-10 seconds) visual encounter with what appeared to be a young(tall,lanky, not yet filled-out) male Sasquatch, I was holding a running videocam in hand, but was so startled by the unexpected appearance of what I watched that I was frozen in place and couldn’t even think to raise my arm up towards the being I saw dashing frantically about. He seemed to be seeking an escape route, as startled to see me as I was to see him. I’d always expected Sasquatch to be massive, dark haired and apelike, but what I saw was lanky, off-white and almost human looking. But not dressed, only covered in neat, fairly short(3-4inches) hair,with sort of wedge-shaped hair on its head. No noticeable neck or ears, large, round dark eyes with black eyebrows in stark contrast to off-white hair. Now, I wonder if what i saw as eyebrows might have been a dark brow ridge? But skin on face seemed off-white like its hair, from a distance. Anyway,no film evidence, which I deeply regret, BUT I got to witness this,and I sometimes wonder if I did so because I was unable to move and film it. Not able to move or speak to research partner until the being was out of sight, dashing off through an area of high winter grasses. Another Sasquatch who avoided being documented, although I’d gone in (or so I’d thought!) armed & ready to do so. Would much rather forgo recording if it meant jeopardizing another such amazing opportunity to witness such a creature. Will admit,even though we went in looking for Bigfoot, the sighting really shook me to the core. Would have been wonderful to have filmed proof, but I know what I saw, and if not filming it got me that “blessing” , so be it.

  18. KerryK says:

    Camera would be gone for sure!

  19. DebbieN says:

    No i would not try to take a picture if i did have a camera with me…and if i did, i would probably not even think of taking one…believe me, when you’re face to face with these magnificent beings..it’s only you and it…nothing else!!! I take it this way…they were here along time before we ever came to America and it’s their home that we are trespassing on….we should just leave them alone and be….

  20. James Baack says:

    Of course I’d snap his picture. Truth be told, I’d probably be to scared to move though!

  21. Dennis says:

    It seems to me that one would have to be greedy, selfish,
    and foolish to not put the camera away in order to experience one of nature’s marvelous creations. Geeze…did I just categorize a bunch of BF researchers?
    No malice intended. I lack experience and knowledge in
    this field and I’m here to learn. Thank you Autumn and
    XXXX for providing this great interview.

  22. Thom says:

    Could’ve… Would’ve … and HAVE… my Hi-Tech gear consists simply of the following… A late model folding director’s chair… an ice chest of a size to hold my diet soda, fried chicken, boiled eggs and potato salad… my Kindle with my latest reading on it… and a small berry-flavored scent lure just to let them know I’m here… Sit back and wait and, as the movie said… “If you build it they will come!” They do.. now, I do carry my little digital camera, ’cause I love to take pictures of the things around me… but I ALWAYS tell them beforehand that I’m taking pictures and, while I’d love to have them in the pictures, it is not expected…

  23. doug l says:

    If one would have more sightings without a camera, just think how many more one would have if they’d keep their eyes closed. OK, that was sarcasm, and I apologize for it, but the point I’d make is that it may not be the camera, but rather the furtive behaviors and other associated movements that animals, including humans, instinctively respond to in certain ways. I am reminded of the recent documentary “My Life as a Turkey” in which a field biologist with a lifetime of experience discovered that when he walked through the woods accompanied with his flock of wild turkeys the other creatures of the forest tended to not hide, presuming that the presence of a flock of naturally vigilant turkeys behaving in a regular way meant that they felt unthreatened and so they presumably had no need to stay hidden.

  24. Calvin White says:

    Yes I would put my camera down….by all means….Sasquatches are a very special breed of humanoids….I don’t know what else to call them..but yeah…I don’t know if communication can be possible through telepathy or not..but seems like I have been receiving from them or one…but..maybe not..maybe just something I want to hear…any opinion is welcomed.

  25. Parsell says:

    I have never had a camera ready for my experiences with BF. How can you shoot a picture when you are watching it turn invisible in front of your eyes. Good question though.

  26. Janice says:

    I am seldom out and about without my camera. Mostly because I do bird photography and wildlife photography in general. If I did encounter a creature, it would be hard to fight the intinct to photograph it…but after everything I’ve read and learned, I think I’d put the camera down. I don’t want to prove they exist, I know they do, even though I’ve never seen one, I know they’re out there, and I would never disrespect them that way. Personally I think they should just be left alone.

  27. Joe B says:

    I still use a “back trail” HD camera. The BF watch your eyes and are more concerned where your looking than where the camera is pointed. It is always kinda thrilling to review the camera that was filming behind you and see a BF peek out and take a look at you. The thing that can be scary is how close they get to you! In some cases on feet away! I have also caught footage of a Black Bear following me! Do not know if he was stalking or just curious, but that bothers me more than the BF.

  28. Tom says:

    Autumn, ever since you posted your youtube video and put away your “investigators’ hat, I have done the same as well….It made perfect sense. Then I read “Enoch: A bigfoot story” and I haven’t looked back since.

  29. Bruce says:

    We plan on sitting in chairs atop the ridge at the cabin on the next trip in May. I have hit colored golf balls in years past across the road into the trees, before I knew They were about. I may try it again, only hitting them down this narrow two track atop that ridge. Then I’ll check at the cabin the next am to see if any get returned. I would put down the cams for sure. Uncle still chuckles when I tell him They are up there. What scares me now are the reports of wild boar here in Michigan. Makes me wonder if I should be wandering in the woods. I have never carried a firearm, as I do not hunt. Bruce

  30. Toby says:

    I carry a camera anytime I’m in the woods for two reasons:

    I like to photograph the lovely scenery and assorted wildlife like birds, bears, goats or squirrels.

    And I don’t want to have an encounter with Bigfoot.

    Yeah, I’m sure they’re out there, and I appreciate that they may be willing to share the woods with me, but I don’t need to see them. I just want to enjoy my hike in the forest. If carrying a camera helps to ensure no BF sighting, then that seems fine to me.

  31. Sam says:

    I would put the camera away because, what’s the point? You can have all the facts staring the world square in the eye and skeptics will always be skeptics. Most are boxed up in their world so much so that they’ll never commit to being honest enough to open up to the world around them. It’s easy to snipe at believers with-out having any “legal legs” to stand on. So… why cheat yourself out of a, perhaps, once in a lifetime opportunity? Witnesses KNOW what they see. They don’t need a camera(or so-called scientist) to convince themselves. Enjoy!

  32. Billye says:

    Autumn, Thank you from the bottom of my Native American heart..” I KNOW we share our world with them or should I rephrase that “they share THEIR world with us” I’m in Missouri and have frequent wood knockings, have even had a “visit” one night walking on the ridge within 10 feet of my deck,his “fragrance”permeated my bedroom (my deck off my bedroom,approx 15 ft above the ridge, I hear and smell him/her often, I now leave “goodies” for them, I do NOT need validation ,,I know the Creature I’m befriending,and I venture to say I pose NO threat to them and they are very aware of it, almost trusting they are safe on my/our land, no camera,or any other tech is necessary, I know what The Creator has given me the honor to “know” and I will eternally be greatful.I have heard them “sing”, howl, and other communicative sounds,, The fact that “scientists” say nothing short of a corpse will proove their existance sickens me,,some evening, I hope I will be honored with a face to face encounter, but til that time,,I am content with their visits as they are. Blessings on all who respect them and their lives. Thank you, Autumn, for all you do to potect them and strive “validate” our stories of “Our lives with Them”,,Warm hugs,,, Billye

  33. Anonymous USArmyCpt. says:

    These creatures were on this Earth a long time ago, they are not extinct, I have trained in this great nation and have seen things in the thickest of our woods. I know what a bear is, and I have seen a silverback at the zoo. My troops and myself have seen these large creatures, and it sends a fear into you at first, then an ease of things. They somehow can avoid us and our nightvision, i still dont know how they do it. I am sure science will figure this out in the future. I know there is no body, but the PG film has too many experts that show that film is a 7 foot plus apelike creature. The skeptics are losing ground with all these credible witnesses coming forward.

  34. Steve says:

    The evidence has piled up, circumstantial, mostly, but convincing in total to anyone of a scientific mind. The BELIEVERS, of course, continue to believe …there cant be such a thing.

    For me, I am encouraged that a hominid (apparently) exists that doesnt need to wage war on its fellows and overpopulate and ruin the planet. Maybe there is reason for optimism there…

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