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Psychology in bigfooting – FEAR

There is an adage that comes up regularly in bigfooting… “When you look for bigfoot, you find yourself.” The longer I pursue this subject, the more truth I find in that statement. Human psychology plays a pivotal role in our interaction with this subject. (Once again, I find myself staring at a blinking cursor, trying to figure out how to address a topic that is too complex for a single blog post. This will most likely develop into another one of those multi-part blog series.)

Today, I want to talk about fear.

Big Hairy Anecdotal Evidence

Sasquatches are hairy. Each and every bigfoot book – including those by highly-regarded scientists who’ve entered the fray – tells usĀ  so. There is, however, currently not one shred of falsifiable, scientific proof that it is so. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest such, but no proof.

Anecdotal evidence is been defined as “non-scientific observations or studies, which do not provide proof but may assist research efforts, usually made by observers who are not scientifically trained”.

We accept the “fact” that Sasquatches are hairy, despite the fact that it is not, in fact, a fact based on any scientific evidence but rather anecdotal evidence.

We Stand For Sasquatch

I wanted to take a moment, before I begin today’s post, to express gratitude to each of you and thank you for the time you take to read this blog and to offer your thoughtful commentary. I also want to thank everyone who has submitted a “Stand for Sasquatch” profile. It may seem a small thing we’re doing here, but even pebbles make a ripple.

Also, a special thank you to Oregon Bigfoot member Bill O. for your generous donation to The Arbor Day Foundation on behalf of our Stand for Sasquatch awareness campaign. Thanks to you and our other match partners Tom and Sali, you’ve really helped our forest grow. When we stand together, we really can make a difference.

We Stand For Sasquatch

Hi, my name is Michael H. and I stand for Sasquatch.

I do believe that there is a species commonly known as Sasquatch. I have no definite proof (yet), but why would it not exist? Because we humans haven’t captured or killed one? Bah, is all I have to say to that. I feel they are much smarter than humans give them credit for. I feel they don’t want to be “found”, why would they? Probably have people trying to convert them or folks probing and poking them to see what they are all about. If they have been a part of the Native Cultures in various places around the globe for thousands of years….that’s good enough for me. I have lived in the Southwest for WAY too long but am going to be an Oregonian soon and hope for the pleasure of catching a glimpse before I leave this world. This photo was taken in Toutle, WA 2 years ago, made of the ash from Mt. Saint Helens. Thanks for the opportunity to share my views.

We Stand for Sasquatch

My name is Sali Sheppard-Wolford and I stand for Sasquatch.

It’s been over thirty years since I stood on a forest path with my daughter, Autumn, and looked into the eyes of a legend. A youngster stood by his side as well.

I have never forgotten the depth of intelligence those eyes held. They were not the eyes of an ape, but the curious, reasoning eyes of a hair covered `man.

We Stand for Sasquatch

My name is Brent B. and I am a member of the Oregon Bigfoot community.

I was born and raised in Florida and split my time living in Florida and northern Georgia. This photo was taken in the Chattahoochee forest near McCaysville, Georgia.

I was an avid hunter in my earlier life and I had several unexplainable “experiences” in the woods that led to my interest in the Big Guys. I feel that they are very intelligent and are related to us. I think they are curious about us but fear us at the same time.

Long-term witness interview uploaded… update on DNA study… and more

Uploaded to the media archives – An audio interview, over 45 minutes in length, with a good friend and long-term witness from Oklahoma. She shares detailed information about her encounters, as well as an audio recording made during a sighting on her property. Audio and images.

Today, I want to talk to you about some things I’ve learned from working with long-term witnesses for over two decades.

Historically, most long-term witnesses have been reluctant to talk publicly about their encounters. Just as incidental witnesses (those who have brief sightings like road crossings) have met with skepticism and ridicule from the public, long-term witnesses have found the bigfoot research community to be equally resistant to accepting their anecdotes. Why?