7 foot tall Russian boxer searches for Sasquatch

Generally, the only sport you’ll catch me watching is UFC. I admit it. I like it. Maybe it’s because there are so few rules and it’s easy to follow. Of course, I liked it better when there were fewer rules, when the winner went straight on to the next fight, when the fighters rarely cross-trained… and when Royce Gracie was allowed to wrap his prehensile toes into the chain-link of the octagon and wriggle out of a full guard.

Return to Valley of the Skookum/Conference Updates


In August, Mom and I took a long-awaited trip to Orting. I’d been back several times since we left, but Mom never had. We were finally able to arrange to get everyone together for a reunion 30+ years later. In the members’ media archives, Mom tells the story of our return to the Valley of the Skookum.

(Click here to order a signed copy direct from the author, or you can find it on Amazon.com.)



New bigfoot voice recording? Or an exercise in critical thinking?

Oregon Bigfoot member Stinkyfoot brought this youtube video to our attention (thanks, Stinky!). I anticipate it will be making the rounds shortly.

I decided to blog about this when I noticed my initial reaction to this video – and then began to realize, upon closer examination, that this is a perfect example of how things may not always be as they first appear.

Sasquatch Semantics 2: Can gorillas speak English?

What truly sets us apart from other great apes?

One might assume that the ability to communicate complex ideas, feelings and emotions to another are solely “human” attributes. But are other great apes capable of those things? And how do we go about deciphering the semantics of  the words “communication”, “language” and “speech”?

I am a layperson. I am not a scientist and I doubt most of my readers are either. As I wander through this topic attempting to study what are often complex, convoluted and sometimes conflicting scientific viewpoints, I find that it is helpful to try to interpret them in layman’s terms. If in trying to do so I say something that is scientifically inaccurate or semantically arguable, please be understanding and feel free to comment with a correction or clarification.

Erickson Project Photo Released

I’m still working on the next post in the “Sasquatch Semantics” series, so please bear with me.

In the meantime, an article was recently published in the Maple Ridge News regarding the Erickson Project. Word has it that Adrian Erickson has several pieces of footage of Sasquatches that have been incorporated into a documentary we discussed here last year, Sasquatch: The Quest. However, apparently Erickson is waiting to release the documentary until Melba Ketchum’s DNA project results are published in a scientific journal.

The article mentions the footage several times:

Sasquatch and Semantics

Human. Ape. Sasquatch. Primate…

Compassion. Grief. Humor. Instinct. Intellect. Language. Communication. Culture…


Shades of gray. Semantics. Nuance. Intent…


All these words have been tumbling about in my head lately, seeking their place in relation to the others, my synapses firing at an exhausting rate trying to make sense of it all.

Sometimes when I blog, I know exactly what I want to say and how to say it. And sometimes, like this time, I’m not exactly sure what will end up on the screen because a subject is too complex to even know where to begin.

Site redesign, odds and ends and a funny photo


The OREGON BIGFOOT SITE REDESIGN is nearly complete. The site should be more functional on mobile browsers now. There are a few loose ends that need to be tied up… if you’re browsing the site and find any pages that haven’t been addressed in the redesign, please let us know.

The rotating photo header at the top of the site is a collection of photos I’ve taken around Oregon while out in the field. It’s nice to have a place to share them and I hope you enjoy them.

More clarification on the Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study

Sally Ramey posted this succinct explanation of the peer-review process on Facebook. I found it helpful in understanding this “final leg” of the Bigfoot DNA project journey. I hope you find it beneficial, too.

Summary: Peer-review process

by Sally Ramey

Lots of people have recently been wondering about the process of publishing scientific papers. Here is the basic process, based on my experience doing PR in higher ed:

Melba Ketchum 2011 Bigfoot DNA Study

For those who haven’t heard the news, there is a comprehensive Bigfoot DNA study being conducted by Melba Ketchum, et al., and word has it that the results, after what has been a long wait, will officially be made public sometime soon.

I have been following this closely and will attempt to give you a rundown here of the timeline of events thus far. From here on out, while I’ll do my best to keep you updated via this blog, I will also have a web page dedicated to this (as I did the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax) that you can check back on periodically for updates if you miss anything. That page is:

Letters From (and to) the Big Man…

Letters From the Big Man debuted this year at the Sundance Film Festival. I have yet to see it, but it’s first on my list if it ever hits DVD.

It was filmed in the nearly-roadless Kalmiopsis Wilderness in SW Oregon. The music is beautiful. The scenery breathtaking. Watching the “Big Man” peek at Sarah Smith from behind that rock gives me a delicious chill.

About a month ago, I climbed the mountain behind my house in my Rav4. I was feeling pent-up. Frustrated. Introspective. I wanted to commune briefly with nature before I got to work for the day. I walked on top of that mountain through a stand of tall trees as a light, late-season snow began to fall.

Bigfoot: Cultural Anthropology vs. Wildlife Biology

Human or Animal?

In yesterdays blog post, I made the following statement:

I firmly believe that Bigfoot research is best approached from a cultural anthropology standpoint rather than a wildlife biology standpoint.

As promised, I wanted to delve deeper into this subject today. First, we’re going deal with the semantics argument. Then, we’ll talk about why I feel the differentiation is of the utmost importance.

For 50 years, it has been a popular assumption that Bigfoot is a “North American Ape”. What is an “ape”? An ape includes any member of the Hominoidea superfamily of primates. There are two families of hominoids. The “lesser” apes, Hylobatidae, consists of 12 species of gibbon.

The Earliest Long-Term Witnesses

Hi guys and gals.

First, a personal note: I’ve had some time to step back and deal with some pressing health issues, and I want to thank all of you for your kind words and your patience. Things are better. I’m not out of the woods yet, but my fingers are crossed… which makes typing kind of difficult. :D Regardless, I felt compelled to come back here and offer a few thoughts. I don’t know how often or for how long I’ll be blogging again… time will tell. I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to those of you who’ve offered patience, to the members of the Oregon Bigfoot community who have steadfastly hung in there during these challenging times, to my many friends in the research community, to those who have kept in touch with supportive words and allowed me the time and energy I’ve needed to focus on getting well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A note from Autumn

[The Oregon Bigfoot blog archives are currently unavailable. They may become available in the near future. New posts are available here: http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/blog/]

Hi, folks.

I don’t usually discuss my personal life here. But because this affects the blog and other aspects of OregonBigfoot.com, I feel it’s important to let you know what’s going on.

The last year and a half have been extremely difficult. Only those closest to me are fully aware of just how hard it’s been, both personally and professionally. And all of it has been going on amidst a health concern that has recently turned into a fight for my life.

A new documentary, some bigfoot news, blogs I like…

Today’s blog will be a smattering of stuff that finds its way to my desk.

A new documentary

A friend sent me this the other day…



Remember Adrian Erickson? No? Alrighty then. Here’s a brief rundown, as I understand it. I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest, uber-condensed version.

Adrian Erickson is a money guy with an interest in Bigfoot. He worked with the BFRO initially, though not anymore, as I understand it. An initial report came through the BFRO of a habituation in Kentucky. They went to work on site. Some video footage was obtained. It was purported to show a bigfoot on stationary video, eating pancakes. The footage was shown briefly on Cryptomundo, until legal threats were made. You can read the poop about that here. Craig pulled it down.

What are the odds?

My buddy Tommy, an incredibly sharp guy (or perhaps just a really big bigfoot movie geek – love you, man) just emailed me a while ago after reading my last blog entry. Tommy, if you’ll remember, is the guy who first noticed that the first set of photos published on Ballyhoo were actually reversed stills from the old Ron Olson 70’s bigfoot docudrama, Sasquatch, The Legend of Bigfoot, directed by Ed Raggozino.

Well, Tommy was watching the film again last night and guess what? He found something… interesting.