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Dogmen? Again? I’m supposed to be looking for Bigfoot.

Sheesh. I swear I never know what I’m going to be dealing with from one day to the next. You wouldn’t BELIEVE some of the stuff that finds its way across my desk.

Hang on to your socks and be prepared to feel a little… incredulous. I know I do.

OK… I’m going to say it. I saw something several years ago. Something I can’t explain.

About 10 years ago, I was riding as a passenger in a Jeep. It was early evening on a warm, summer’s day. I believe we had the top down.

I think I may have filmed a UFO last night. Or two.

Rowan and I were out in the yard after dark last night. I’d heard rustling in the field across the road and shined a spotlight over there. The cows were hanging out, chewing their cud, eyes shining. Good old tapetum lucidum. :) I thought it would be neat for Rowie to see the glowing eyes, so I got her shoes on, I grabbed a couple of glowsticks for her to play with, and we went outside.

Mom chases Bigfoot

How did I NOT know that this was out on DVD? It seems like the last time I looked, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Or maybe that was just through Blockbuster online. Anyway, I’m JAZZED! Rowan doesn’t have this in her library yet. And, erm… neither did I. *grin*


Harry and the Hendersons (Special Edition)

A couple of days ago, Rowan and I were down at Gram-Gram’s house (my grandmother – her great) and Rowan was out on the porch playing with kindling. (Yes, she has other toys – she just likes firewood. *grin*)