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Gable Film Update… the plot thickens

Just when you thought it was safe to research something that happened in the 1970’s…

“Copies” of the Gable Film keep disappearing from Youtube. Particularly the second film. (Warning – graphic content)

The other day, while attempting to download a copy of the film for safekeeping, I came across this:

This video purports to be a response from the person who originally uploaded the second film. The message reads as follows:

“I’m sorry I haven’t answered any emails, I’ve been… unavoidably detained.

More thoughts on the Gable Attack Film

My friend, Clint, was over yesterday. I wanted to pick his brain about the Gable Films.

Clint is a full-blooded Cherokee and an avid elk and bear hunter. He’s out in the brush nearly every free moment, hunts with a bow using arrows he fletches himself. He makes primitive weapons and teaches primitive hunting techniques. He’s works in the medical field. I figured he’d be the perfect person to ask.

He’s never seen either one of the films, so I explained how they came about. We watched the original Gable Film first.

The Gable Film #2

Some new footage, seemingly related to the Gable Film/Michigan Dogman attack has surfaced. And it’s very disturbing. But is it real?

I’ve been following the Gable Film since its inception. So have the folks at the Oregonbigfoot.com members’¬†forum. In fact, we’ve got a thread that’s nine pages long, started back in September of 2007, where we’ve hashed out the authenticity of the film and our very own artist/Photoshop Expert extraordinaire, Scott Davis, has done some wonderful analysis on the film.