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Dogmen? Again? I’m supposed to be looking for Bigfoot.

Sheesh. I swear I never know what I’m going to be dealing with from one day to the next. You wouldn’t BELIEVE some of the stuff that finds its way across my desk.

Hang on to your socks and be prepared to feel a little… incredulous. I know I do.

OK… I’m going to say it. I saw something several years ago. Something I can’t explain.

About 10 years ago, I was riding as a passenger in a Jeep. It was early evening on a warm, summer’s day. I believe we had the top down.

Local encounters – new research area

I’m living in Douglas County now, in a small cabin in the Umpqua river valley. We’re surrounded by mountains.

I grew up here and have spent countless hours roaming the woods on this side of the river.┬áThere are very few Bigfoot reports from over here, which is strange, because you can’t throw a stick without hitting viable habitat for a Sasquatch. I always just figured that, for one reason or another, the creatures simply didn’t find this area much to their liking.

National Geographic – Lousy Reporting

I stumbled across this article again this morning. You know those little lines people get in between their eyebrows when something irritates them? Yep. I’ve got ’em.

What ever happened to National Geographic being a credible source of information? Let’s examine a 1993 article about our hairy friends that National Geographic felt fit to publish.

Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real
Stefan Lovgren
for National Geographic News

October 23, 2003

It’s been the subject of campfire stories for decades. A camera-elusive, grooming-challenged, bipedal ape-man that roams the mountain regions of North America. Some call it Sasquatch. Others know it as Bigfoot.

I finally did it. I’m blogging.

It seems that almost everyone has a weblog these days. Except me. It’s amazing that someone who works with computers on a daily basis wouldn’t have joined the blogging revolution until now. But I hadn’t. I dabbled a little, I guess. But nothing serious.

I had the Oregonbigfoot.com newsletter to help me stay in touch with all of you. What more did I need? Except, the newsletter took DAYS to ready for publication, and with a two year old, I do not have days. Or even hours. So I’ve decided that maybe a blog is a bright idea after all. So I’m trying it.