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Bigfoot Mural in Willow Creek

I like it! It’s nice to see Sasquatch depicted as a gentle creature for a change, instead of something with blood dripping from its fangs. :)


Duane Flatmo’s Willow Creek mural depicts kinder, gentler Bigfoot
Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard
Posted: 07/26/2009 01:37:14 AM PDT

Apparently, local artist Duane Flatmo was running out of walls.

Having already painted oversized murals on the likes of the Eureka Co-op and the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts, as well as a host of other local buildings, Flatmo recently expanded his reach, completing a massive piece overlooking State Route 299 from the wall of the new Shafer’s Ace Hardware in Willow Creek.

Real Bigfoot Pictures

If you go to Yahoo.com and search for “real bigfoot pictures”, you end up with links to Youtube. Sadly. Your first choice appears to be a link to a video that, if you can stand the thrash metal, will take you through photos including the Patterson Gimlin film, a few sad fakes and hoaxes and a photo of Michael Jackson. Last time I checked, his feet were relatively small (he was not a large man).

The next one on the list is a link to a video that includes the Dead Bigfoot in the Freezer hoax from those brainiacs down in Georgia. Great. Chalk one more up to credible evidence and satisfactory search results.