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New information on James Rosick photograph – Updated 9/14/09

jimmah01_enhRecently, I’d posted about this photo on the Oregonbigfoot.com website. It was intriguing as far as Blobsquatches go (at least it didn’t need to be circled… *grin*), but I didn’t have a lot of information about it.

Yesterday, I received the following email:


Please acknowledge receipt of this message by return email. I realize I do not have your direct email address and hope this reaches you.

See http://www.dailymotion.com/related/x5tdlr_in-the-know-episode-2_webcam/video/x4jxaf_lasalle-falls-picture_tech for a brief video summary of our organization’s investigation into the James Rosick photo posted on your main web page.

Fairdale, Kentucky “BackYard Bigfoot” photo revisited

Oregon Bigfoot blog reader, Dave Conover, has offered the following enhancement of the Kenny Mahoney photograph (my original post on this subject can be found here).


Awesome work, Dave!!!! Very clear enhancement of the Mahoney photo and excellent illustration of what you see.

What do YOU think, guys and gals?

[Edited to add: Here’s the full-screen grab from Dave. Thanks again, Dave! :)]


[Added 9/12/09 – An additional analysis by OB Artist Scott Davis:]


Thanks, Scott! :)

[Added 9/13/09: Additional enhancements, and a gorilla comparison photo from Tookra:]

Kenny Mahoney Game Cam Photo… Is it Bigfoot?

mahoneySome wonder if mysterious image in picture is Big Foot

FAIRDALE, KY (WAVE) – Conspiracy theorist have tried to prove the possibility of aliens, sea monsters, and even shape shifters, now there is a mystery Jefferson County. Kenny Mahoney, born and raised in Fairdale, snapped a picture of what some people are calling Big Foot.

His hunting camera, which is operated by a motion detector, normally picks up rabbits, deer and turkeys, but on September 1 around 2:15 p.m. it picked up a strange image that looks like some sort of large black creature, one Mahoney estimates taller than he.

Bigfoot creature photographed in Sierra National Forest

Article, comments and my photo analysis are below:

Bigfoot creature photographed in Sierra National Forest

The Bigfoot creature may have been captured on a remote trail camera placed in the Sierra National Forest, based on photography evidence released by Sanger Paranormal Society.

Investigator Jeffrey Gonzalez said Tuesday night that multiple cameras were put in place in this remote area on Memorial Day weekend, and retreived on June 7, 2009.

Gonzalez said they did not immediately see the evidence, but upon closer inspection, noticed what appears to be the Bigfoot creature.