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“It really creeped me out…”


[As always, witness name and contact information is kept confidential]

The following report was submitted to Oregon Bigfoot on 10/17/11. The witness states that his sighting occurred in Macon County, NC, nearest town Highlands, near Highway 64 on August 05, 1995. It was late afternoon, 5 p.m., and the witness was in between Cliffside Recreation Area and Bridal [Veil] Falls. The boulder at the scene was fairly distinct as none of the others were even half its size. There was one witness, 29 years old at the time.

The most thorough field report I’ve ever seen… and a word about asshats.

Holy Cow! :D OB member Nancy just sent in her field report from her and Bill’s latest outing to the Shasta/Trinity area and boy, was it a doozy. Uploaded today are 16 pages worth of detailed field notes, 45 sound files and over 130 photographs of tracks and other evidence. This is, by far, the most detailed research report I’ve ever seen. Kudos, Nancy, to you for your dedication and incredible thoroughness! You are an amazing woman and a credit to our field!

News article: New book tells tall tale, but not necessarily a false one

Written by Chad Snyder, Pilot staff writer
The Curry Pilot
August 12, 2009 10:57 am

On Sept. 22, 2005, Brookings resident Travis Cover was driving on a remote section of US Highway 199 when he saw something that he said scared the tar out of him: a hulking 9-foot tall creature standing by the side of the road, shielding its eyes from the glare of headlights.

Cover knew exactly what is was. Based on another chance meeting with a mysterious creature when he was 12 years old, Cover was convinced it was the elusive, foul-smelling humanoid mammal called Bigfoot.

Local encounters – new research area

I’m living in Douglas County now, in a small cabin in the Umpqua river valley. We’re surrounded by mountains.

I grew up here and have spent countless hours roaming the woods on this side of the river.┬áThere are very few Bigfoot reports from over here, which is strange, because you can’t throw a stick without hitting viable habitat for a Sasquatch. I always just figured that, for one reason or another, the creatures simply didn’t find this area much to their liking.