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Psychology in bigfooting – FEAR

There is an adage that comes up regularly in bigfooting… “When you look for bigfoot, you find yourself.” The longer I pursue this subject, the more truth I find in that statement. Human psychology plays a pivotal role in our interaction with this subject. (Once again, I find myself staring at a blinking cursor, trying to figure out how to address a topic that is too complex for a single blog post. This will most likely develop into another one of those multi-part blog series.)

Today, I want to talk about fear.

Local Residents Spot Bigfoot In West Virginia… and 2012

Happy Holidays!

A recent sighting report in an article written, for a change, factually and not in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Bless those in the media who write news as news and not as sensationalistic commentary.

Local Residents Spot Bigfoot In West Virginia

The following is unrelated to bigfoot… I think… but it’s another interest of mine so I thought I’d share. I’ve been reading quite a bit about 2012 lately. ‘Tis the season, after all.

This webpage from NASA is interesting. It discusses the science behind the internet sensationalism surrounding December 21, 2012 that has been increasing in the past few years.

Big Hairy Anecdotal Evidence

Sasquatches are hairy. Each and every bigfoot book – including those by highly-regarded scientists who’ve entered the fray – tells us  so. There is, however, currently not one shred of falsifiable, scientific proof that it is so. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest such, but no proof.

Anecdotal evidence is been defined as “non-scientific observations or studies, which do not provide proof but may assist research efforts, usually made by observers who are not scientifically trained”.

We accept the “fact” that Sasquatches are hairy, despite the fact that it is not, in fact, a fact based on any scientific evidence but rather anecdotal evidence.

Please Stand For Sasquatch

It has long been the goal of the Oregon Bigfoot community to raise awareness about Sasquatch. However, it has not been our goal to simply raise awareness that Bigfoot exists; the purpose behind this website and everything we do is to attempt to understand who or what they are, to share what information we can as responsibly as we can in order to not compromise them in the process, and to help instill compassion and a desire to truly protect them – from us – in our readers.

“It really creeped me out…”


[As always, witness name and contact information is kept confidential]

The following report was submitted to Oregon Bigfoot on 10/17/11. The witness states that his sighting occurred in Macon County, NC, nearest town Highlands, near Highway 64 on August 05, 1995. It was late afternoon, 5 p.m., and the witness was in between Cliffside Recreation Area and Bridal [Veil] Falls. The boulder at the scene was fairly distinct as none of the others were even half its size. There was one witness, 29 years old at the time.

Melba Ketchum 2011 Bigfoot DNA Study

For those who haven’t heard the news, there is a comprehensive Bigfoot DNA study being conducted by Melba Ketchum, et al., and word has it that the results, after what has been a long wait, will officially be made public sometime soon.

I have been following this closely and will attempt to give you a rundown here of the timeline of events thus far. From here on out, while I’ll do my best to keep you updated via this blog, I will also have a web page dedicated to this (as I did the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax) that you can check back on periodically for updates if you miss anything. That page is:

Want to be in a bigfoot movie?

Our investigator, Felicia Bryant, sent me this from Craigslist. Sounds like they’ve already hired the Sasquatch. *grin*

Bigfoot Film (Medford/Ashland)

We are shooting a movie Sept. 28-October 4 2009 here in the Rogue Valley. The film is called “The True Believers” and is about two brothers from Mississippi who come through Oregon in search of Sasquatch. We need to cast extras and actors for some small to medium sized roles.

We are looking for middle aged to older individuals who have had an actual experience in which they saw Big Foot.

Bigfoot “spotted” at Ross Island

[Editor’s note: This article made absolutely NO sense to me at first, because there was no photo or video attached. I finally found another article about it with a photo. Apparently, there is a faux-fur covered “bigfoot” statue on Ross Island… no one knows who built it, but it was first spotted over Labor Day weekend.]


Scott Burton


PORTLAND, Ore. — For decades we’ve trekked the depths of our world’s forests following sightings and reports of a giant beast; part ape, part human. Now the trek ends here.

Fairdale, Kentucky “BackYard Bigfoot” photo revisited

Oregon Bigfoot blog reader, Dave Conover, has offered the following enhancement of the Kenny Mahoney photograph (my original post on this subject can be found here).


Awesome work, Dave!!!! Very clear enhancement of the Mahoney photo and excellent illustration of what you see.

What do YOU think, guys and gals?

[Edited to add: Here’s the full-screen grab from Dave. Thanks again, Dave! :)]


[Added 9/12/09 – An additional analysis by OB Artist Scott Davis:]


Thanks, Scott! :)

[Added 9/13/09: Additional enhancements, and a gorilla comparison photo from Tookra:]

Jeepers Creepers… Those are Creepy Peepers!

bigeyes2Here I am again, fixated on Bigfoot eyes. It’s been a lifelong obsession, so why stop now?

In today’s post, I’ll be covering several topics: bigfoot eyeshine, accuity of night vision, the ability of these creatures to see light spectrums beyond what we can see, and potential applications in field research.


Many, many eyewitness accounts of bigfoot sightings indicate eyeshine or “glowing eyes”. Eyeshine is often described as red – though other colors such as green and even blue- have been reported as well.

But what is the actual physical mechanism that would create this phenomenon?

Kenny Mahoney Game Cam Photo… Is it Bigfoot?

mahoneySome wonder if mysterious image in picture is Big Foot

FAIRDALE, KY (WAVE) – Conspiracy theorist have tried to prove the possibility of aliens, sea monsters, and even shape shifters, now there is a mystery Jefferson County. Kenny Mahoney, born and raised in Fairdale, snapped a picture of what some people are calling Big Foot.

His hunting camera, which is operated by a motion detector, normally picks up rabbits, deer and turkeys, but on September 1 around 2:15 p.m. it picked up a strange image that looks like some sort of large black creature, one Mahoney estimates taller than he.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolate-Covered Ants?

This post really is about Bigfoot research. It just may not be immediately apparent.

Sometimes, things happen in our lives that cause us to stop dead in our tracks and take stock. We come to a crossroads; we get blindsided and end up reevaluating everything. Everything we’ve done, everything we are… and where we’re going from here.

To loosely paraphrase Forrest Gump – Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which ones will be sweet, and which ones will leave a bad taste in your mouth. (I know that’s not exactly what he said, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve misquoted a movie.)

Bigfoot Trap in Southern Oregon – Video

This is a really nicely done video on the Southern Oregon Bigfoot trap.

Description posted by Youtuber Scott Walt:

Southern Oregon is home to what is most likely the only official Bigfoot trap in the world. The ten by ten structure was built back in the early 70s by special permit. A wildlife research team out of Eugene, Oregon was inspired to build the structure by sightings from far back as the late 18-hundreds to up to the time they constructed the trap.

It wasn’t an easy task. In 1974, Applegate dam that now impounds Applegate lake didnt even exist and the hike up to the construction site was a long and hard one from the valley below.