Unusual screams heard at a lake

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Date:may 27, 2001
Baker county, OR
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exact location unknown


Description of event: OBSERVED: We heard 3 loud whoops and a howl almost like a dog but different. None of our dogs barked but were very still and quiet which is unusual. The pattern repeated itself with variations for about 2 minutes. We thought it might be drunk graduates at first but our friend who had left for a midnight 4-wheel drive said no one was camped above us on the mountain. The next night all the others in camp heard loud screams but I was dead asleep. There were 5 children and 4 adults in camp both nights. We looked in the meadow and along the creek that runs through our camp spot but never found any signs. Then again we did not know what to look for besides foot prints. None of us have ever heard the noises before and some of us have been in the woods camping frequently since childhood. We are all in our mid 30's.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): We had all went to bed about 2-3 hours earlier after just talking around the camp fire. We put all the kids to bed about 9:30pm. It was so loud it woke the kids up. It sounded very close.

Source: GCBRO
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