Hikers make track find on Table Rock Creek, Oregon, while investigating, Thom P. hears scream

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Date:March 18, 2001
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Glen Avon
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd
snow on ground
To get to Table Rock Wilderness from Molalla take Dickey Prairie Road to South Molalla Road and follow Molalla River. Follow signs to Table Rock. See


Description of event: Today, March 18, 2001, my brother and I were hiking near Table Rock Wilderness in Clackamas County, Oregon. Found footprints in the snow very much like a very large, bare, human foot. We wear size 12 and 13 boots and the prints were significantly bigger. Using a dollar bill as a size reference I took pictures with a digital camera. Using the dollar bill we measured a stride of 4 feet. Also the prints were deeper than ours or the other human prints in the area. I would like to submit the pictures for expert evaluation and will do so if an e-mail address is provided.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my brother.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around noon, dark day with light rain.

ENVIRONMENT: A snow covered mountain road. Portions of the road are washed out so the road is closed to cars but is used by hikers. There is a rocky embankment and an area of clearcut with christmas tree size firs growing.The location is about 1/2 below the point the Table Rock trail leaves the road.

Follow-up investigation report:

These directions, submitted by the witness, enabled me to easily find the tracks:To find the prints go to Table Rock parking lot. (Created when earthslide blocked the road.) I went up the road and little ways and took a trail off to the right that went a few hundred yards and then came back onto the road again. Continue up the road. The tracks are about two-thirds of the way between the point where the short trail joins the road again and the proper Table Rock trail begins. They are immediately to the right of the depression caused by the flow of people, a couple of feet away.
There was kind of a clear area on the right side of the road with small trees growing.
There were six or eight prints that I saw. They were four feet apart and you could see the right-left-right-left. It looked like he had been coming down the worn trail and had stepped off it for a few paces and then gotten back on.
Only one of the tracks had good detail that wasn't melted away. (The one photoed) The others were about the same overall size and shape and sat in the right sequence. It is hard to say how old they were. My brother said a week but I thought maybe the night before. It had been raining and the detail was being lost fast.
We did not disturb the one we took detailed pictures of but we dug around a little in the others looking for hair but we did not find anything.
There was nothing that I saw that indicated that the aminal might still be around. But then again there was nothing I could point to that would indicate that he was gone either.
We looked to find where he had gotten on the path and where he had left it but could not find anything. It is possible that he came from the Table Rock trail itself and so did not leave deep tracks that could be seen.
Hope this has been helpful. If you have any other questions I will try to answer. Let me know if you find anything else. And if I find anything else you will be the first to know."

Results of follow-up investigation:
On 3/20/01 I visited the location of the track find on Table Rock Creek in the Mt. Hood Nation Forest southeast of Molalla, Oregon. Precisely as the witness described, I found widely spaced bare-foot prints that measured 14" long and were spaced an average of 48" apart (from heel of one foot to same spot on heel of the opposing foot). I measured strides of 112" between heel impressions of the SAME foot in two places. I counted twenty four prints in all.

The tracks were beside a trail in the snow that follows a road bed to the Table Rock trailhead. Auto traffic is cut off by collapse of the roadway but snowshoe prints and boot prints were evident all along the road. The path along the road bed leaves the parking area as bare earth but gradually turns to completely snow covered. Snow depth at the track location, which is about one mile from the parking area, is about 18"

Source: BFRO
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