Cliff Olson sees a trackway coming straight down the mountain through his binocs file# 00013


Date:March 3, 2001
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

Snow on ground



Description of event: From Ray Crowe:Date: March 3, 2001To finish this Clackamas report off, Cliff Olson was at Frog Lake (just north of Ripplebrook), and was glassing to the south towards High Lake, Mar. 3, and noted a trail in the snow coming straight down the mountain (deer and elk travel at angles) and across the scree, not turning until at thebottom near some timber. The sun was just right to see the trail about 4800 feet, with his 19X binoculars, the trail being 3.5-4 miles away and Cliff thought 3-4 feet wide. It is possible a bear coming out of semi-hibernation might come down a slope like that...or early season Bigfootmigrating in the good weather to the north. There was a lower pass though, and Cliff wonders why, if Bigfoot, it wasn’t used.

Source: The Track Record
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