Fish Creek - Campers hear noises, smell 'skunky' smell file# 00014


Date:March 2, 2001
Clackamas county, OR
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pre-dawn hours
Fish Creek


Description of event: Thom Powell, BFRO Curator, filed this report: (

Jim H. and his girlfriend Gaye went up the Clackamas on Friday (March 2) afternoon. I briefed them on the Ripplebrook/Job Corps deal but they chose to backpack in 2 and a half miles up the closed and removed road up Fish Creek. They camped up Fish Creek for two nights. On the second night (Sat.) Jim heard light but sustained movement in the brush around camp after dark but before bed. Just before dawn he was awakened by a strong skunk smell. After sunrise he checked the area and found two fresh footprints in the duff about fifty feet from camp. He says they were very clear, close together, and about 15 inches long. Jim feels confident that his camp was cased by Mr. Squatch and he tends to be on the skeptical side when it comes to that which some see as Bigfoot tracks.

Source: The Track Record
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