Bigfoot "bed" and possible tracks in duff found file# 00023


Date:April 6, 1998
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd




Description of event: * Member Charles Baker called April 6th to report that 20 miles south of Molalla on the Molalla River, OR, he had found a Bigfoot bed under some trees. The vegetation was mashed down, with nothing carried in (like ferns), in an area of 5 X 7 feet, he said. Also there were several 14-16" X 6" tracks that made a trail to the bed. Trees were broken 8 feet up. Contacted Cliff Olson to go out with Charles to check out the site that he had found Sunday, the day before. Cliff said it was a possible, but the four tracks were in duff, and no toes were showing, and at one place close to a tree branch, it would have been difficult for a biped to leave a track. He suggested instead it might have been a bear or an elk bed under the tree. Overall Cliff said he wasn't very enthusiastic about the site. Baker is a security officer, and works a graveyard shift, so is often available. He says he'll take anybody to the site that wishes (503) 632-3901, and knows several other good areas in the vicinity that have had Bigfoot area of swampy ground with a lot of cattails. We plan to take him up on that, and maybe have a WBS week end outing on the Molalla soon...non organized and all invited.

Source: The Track Record #76
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