A logger reports finding a domed "hut" next to Camp Creek

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Date:January 17, 1998
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd




Description of event: Report by Frank and Barbie Kaneaster, Bigfoot Headquarters.

Joe, a logger, reported finding a strange dome-shaped "hut" (see photos in TR #74) and tracks in the Molalla, OR, area (on trail next to Camp Creek, south of town) on Jan. 17th, about 9:00 AM, and Frank investigated. The hut was covered with ferns, root side up to make a water tight seal. The hut was 14 foot in diameter and with a 5 foot roof , the roof three inches thick with ferns, and two inches of fir boughs on the floor. Next to the hut was a rock pile 24 inches tall, made with 12 inch rocks. It was three foot around and looked old as it was covered with moss. Frank mentions that this is the third hut he's seen (The WBS has hut reports from I-5 near Roseburg, south of Coos Bay where 3 were found, and a dubious report from near The Dalles). A dogwood tree next to the creek had two branches broken off at the five foot level, and a holly tree had three branches broken off. Frank found some 110 tracks in the area of two individuals, apparently a mother and child. The large tracks were 14 X 7 inches, the small were 7 X 4 inches. The five-toed creatures stride length measured about 5 feet and about 2 feet for the child. The tracks appear as if the child walked next to the mother at all times. Plaster tracks were made of both creatures.

Source: The Track Record #74
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