Orey's encounters at MRS

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Date:November 25, 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd


Description of event: For the Thanksgiving break in 1996 Orey was camped on the Abaqua. Sharon Jones (see Laura Riddle interview in TR#30) contacted him and said he should come to the Bigfoot Camp on the Molalla River, which he did. As he pulled into the campground around 8:30 PM, two Bigfeet appeared in his headlights about 60 feet away. Both of the 11 foot reddish brown creatures ran into the woods. Orey set out a rabbit in a cage to attract them back, illuminating them with glow-sticks, putting a few on trees also, at the six foot level so they could see if something passed in front of them. He had spotlights mounted around the camp and his son Steven, 18, was running the video camera from inside the camper on the top bunk. All of a sudden a head walked past under the window, and Steven came flying away, almost bumping heads with the creature as it passed by. The head was hairy, but he could see the face. He screamed it was right outside, a face the size of a garbage can lid. They could see a hand cover the rabbit cage, and they turned on the lights and the cam-corder just as something passed for a brief instant in front of the camera so close that all they recorded was a blur. It was 9 PM and the thing appeared 9-10 feet tall from the upper bunk. There was nothing else that night. Friends Mark and Chance camped nearby didn't see anything. The next morning was cloudy and drizzly. Mark and Chance left and Steven and Orey played cards until Mark returned, but left again at dark. There was a strong smell of something dead, skunk like and musty, in the air. Then they heard a weird sound of something running that was gassy (farts), making a "blop blop blop" noise, but they couldn't see anything out the window. It was 8:30, dark, but a little moonlight, plus the glow sticks were hung in the trees again. At 9 PM, one glow stick starting going dark, then the first Bigfoot came by, followed by a second one. They were both huge and we watched them go back and forth, running in a criss-cross pattern (like to flush game?), and apparently hunting as a group. One would cross from right to left, the other from left to right, the pattern possibly spooking game to run into the Bigfoot approaching from the opposite direction. They hung around camp for 20 minutes, stopping at the rabbit, but turning and going back into the woods rapidly, never staying in one place long enough to switch the lights or camera on. They were incredibly fast.

[Editor's note: The above report was originally published in the Track Record. On 9-20-2011, one of the participants submitted the following comments to OregonBigfoot.com:]

This event actually happened Nov.25th and 26th 1995 when I (Steven Iness) was 17 years old. Orey (my dad) got a call from Mark's mother saying there are bigfoots running around up at the Bigfoot Camp and for us to get up there. Mark and Chance were still there. So Orey and I (Steve) got in the truck/camper and headed up there to the camp. It was dusk when we got there. When we pulled in to to the camp Mark said he had just seen a 6 1/2 foot tall bigfoot at the southside of camp. So I bailed out of the truck to see it and to help Orey park the truck. As Orey was driving into the camp he said he saw a bigfoot. I still didn't see any bigfoot. We got the truck/camper situated. We had a white rabbit in a cage so we tied it up in a tree 6 feet off the ground and put a red glowstick on top of the cage. The tree was about 30 feet away. We also put yellow glowsticks up 6 feet on other trees throughout the camp. We went into the camper, Mark and Orey were on the top bunk of the camper looking out the window. Orey had the video camera ready. I sat down on the bottom bunk where the kitchen table is. Orey had hooked up spotlights around the camper and had a lightswitch mounted down by the bottom bunk where I was. So I would turn on the lights when Orey told me to. My window and curtains were shut. When Orey and Mark's eyes adjusted to the darkness, both of them started to see the top of the head of the 6 1/2 foot tall bigfoot walking around. I didn't believe them. Orey took a break and Mark was looking around when he told me to stick my head out the window. So I opened the window slowly then pulled back the curtain and stuck my head out. I looked around and didn't see anything. I closed the curtain but not the window. Then Mark said stick your head out now. I pulled back the curtain and was starting to stick my head out of the window, when I was greeted with a darkshape of a head within a foot of my face, then it moved towards the back of the camper.I closed the curtain and jumped back and said Holy four lettered word, I saw it! That was the moment I went from a believer to a knower. Bigfoot is 100% real to me now. Later Orey was looking out and told me to turn on the light. I did and he recorded a darkshape move in front of the videocamera and back. Then Orey and I switched places, so Mark and I were looking out the top bunk window. As I was watching the rabbit with the help of the red glowstick. The rabbit suddenly starts running in circles very fast. Then it stops. The next thing I see is a huge 5 fingered shaped hand move slowly in front of and across the rabbit cage, then it moved back slowly. I didn't say anything until Mark said he just saw a huge hand move across the rabbit cage. That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I said I just saw the samething. That was it for the rest of that night.

The next morning Nov.26th 1995 we looked around for tracks. We found nothing and the rabbit was O.K. Mark and Chance left and Orey and I stayed. We played Indian music and Creedence Clearwater Revival while playing cards and looking out the windows. Later Mark came back and he went looking for tracks up by the road. It was getting dark and I sat in a chair looking at the campfire listening. Orey was inside the camper listening with the voice recorder. I started to hear Mark walking slowly on the gravel behind me like he was going to scare me. He stopped about 10 feet behind me then walked off and around the front of the truck. Orey came out of the camper and asked who walked around the truck? I told him Mark did. Orey said then who is that over by the road with the flashlight? I looked and it was Mark. Mark came over and we told him about it and he said he never came over by us. Mark went home and Orey and I went into the camper. We did smell the rotten smell and heard farting noises outside. We thought it was pretty funny. Later I got up in the top bunk and looked out the window watching the rabbit with the red glowstick on the cage. Orey sat down at the bottom bunk next to the window, so when I would see something Orey would turn on the spotlights and try to film a bigfoot. As I was watching the rabbit, the red glowstick would go dark, light, dark, then light. I told Orey and he said the next time it went dark, light, dark let him know and he would turn on the spotlights and film. So I watched and the glowstick went dark then light then nothing. We rested awhile then I looked out the window and when my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw the outline of a bigfoot run towards the rabbit cage, then turn 90 degrees and head off into the brush. I told Orey about it then we waited for more action. I started to hear rock on rock knocking coming from the otherside of a marshy area where there are large Douglas fir trees and where the bigfoot had gone to. Then a glowstick on the far rightside of are camp went dark and I looked and saw another bigfoot run across the camp to the direction of the rock knocking. It was hunched down and the arms were swinging and every step it took looked like it would spring forward covering alot of ground very fast. Then nothing happened for awhile, so I laid on my back and looked up towards the moon. All of a sudden everything went real dark and I turned and looked outside the window and I saw the back of the head and shoulders of a bigfoot walk by towards the front of the truck. The top of the camper is 9'6" tall and the head and shoulders of the bigfoot were taller than that. Orey was laying down on the bottom bunk looking up at the vent hatch above me and he saw a shadow of a head. He told me so I looked out the front window and I saw it walk fast back to the direction of the rock knocking. That was the last bigfoot I saw that night. At that time we had the big VHS video camcorder, no nightvision, and no trailcams. We were poor and we are still poor. The rabbit was never harmed. Orey and I have had many more experiences with bigfoot there at that camp. That is why we call it the Bigfoot Camp.

Source: The Track Record #82
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