Abiqua - Orey's son finds cave, has sighting

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Date:March , 1994
Marion county, OR
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Description of event: Son Nathan in 1994 found a cave during his senior year at high school. In the Spring, Mar-Apr, he and some friends went to Bigfoot Cave, they now call it, on the upper Abaqua, about 4 PM, and ran into a gigantic long black haired creature at the entrance to the cave. They rapidly left and went to a landing far above the cave and heard moaning sounds. A week later Orey went to the landing. A nice day, and at midnight he and his wife heard the moaning sounds (not wind thru rocks). Wife never went camping again...she wanted nothing to do with creatures that moaned in the night. (See also Steve Williams report in TR#79, page 9, concerning this area and a story on the cave.) In 1996 Steven was up to the landing again and heard moaning in the spring with some friends.

Source: The Track Record #82
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