Orey tries different 'vocal' baits

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00037


Date:September , 1998
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd




Description of event: Just three weeks ago (from 10/6) Steven tried some different calls to attract Bigfoot's attention. He tried a toy ambulance siren, starting and stopping it. A Bigfoot responded from down in the canyon. This was near the Molalla Camp at 10 PM, and it made screaming noises. Orey says he has tried different sounds around the year and found that he got replies up to two months ago, but none last night (10/6). He says he never gets a response in January, less in the summer, and lot of response in the fall. Asked why not last night, he said the moon was very bright, and he often doesn't get any response then. He guesses that they might migrate, making calls during the fall mating season (if gestation is nine months, then young would be born in May-June, when adequate food would be available). The sounds would be very powerful, as if challenging other males. One thing he noted once, that when an early morning log truck went by, screeching its brakes, after it was gone, he would hear Bigfeet screaming.

Source: The Track Record #82
record updated:2002-07-09 00:00:00