Near Hoodoo camp, 3-wheeler riders have sighting file# 00038


Date: , early 1980's
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
north on Pamilla Road


500 yards away from Hoodoo Camp, near Marion Forks


Description of event: Orey Iness interviewed (tape available) a lady that had an incident during the winter, 15 years ago. Pam, of Silverton, OR, and her friend, Terry, were camping in the snow (two feet on ground), and running their three wheelers 500 yards away from Hoodoo Camp, near Marion Forks (north on Pamilla Road), OR. It was 11 AM, and they were taking a break when a Bigfoot came out of the woods and stood staring at them. It was brown, like tree bark, 8-9 feet tall, very long unkept scraggly hair. It watched them for 15-20 minutes from 30-40 yards away, before going off into the valley. After it took off into the trees, they went back and brought the family up to see where it had been. Tracks 12-16 inches long with a stride of 3-4 feet were found. Pam commented the toes seemed too long on the tracks, noting also that it appeared to put the most of the weight on the toes rather than the heel.

Source: The Track Record #82
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