near Estacada - Frank and Barbie Kaneaster sight white Bigfoot which leaves deformed tracks file# 00039


Date:October , 1996
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:




Description of event: LOCATION: Logging road in the Oregon Cascades, 10 miles East of Estacada, OR
(Clackamas Co.). This site is about 160 air miles from sighting location #2.
(Grays Harbor...I think)

WITNESSES: Frank K. and his wife, Barbie; two other unidentified men.

DATE: First week in October, 1996, about 3:30 in the afternoon.

EVENT: Frank K. was chain sawing fire wood, while his wife was sitting in
the cab of their truck burping their baby, while looking down the road about
300', where two other men were cutting wood. A white sasquatch ("as white as
a towel") stepped out of the forest to the edge of the road near the two
men, then turned around and walked back into the forest with a pronounced
limp. The sasquatch was about 25 feet from two men, and in view of Barbie
K., who called to her husband, who was , however, too late to see it. The
men threw the running chainsaw on the truck and drove off, stopping for
Frank as they passed by him on the road. When informed by Frank that he was
going to investigate the sasquatch, they said: "Well, it's right in there!
Go have at it! We are getting out of here!" Before departing, they told
Frank that the sasquatch had a pink complexion and blue eyes, and was about
7' tall. Barbie remarked that it had a "big mouth". The two men left their
cut wood behind. Frank went to the location on the road indicated by his
wife, found and followed the foot prints with difficulty in the forest duff.
However, in a few places the feet had slid under the duff and imprinted
themselves on soil such that he could plaster-cast a right and a left foot.
The left foot is 15" long, but the right foot appears to have an amputated
big toe with an apparently swollen or bunioned stump or base. The remaining
toes appear displaced from their normal positions, with the second toe
possibly having assumed the role of the big toe. Frank and Barbie K. were
interviewed by WHF.

Source: Rich LaMonica
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