Near Goat Mt., Clear Lake trail, man sees 2 creatures file# 00040


Date:October 19, 1996
Clackamas county, OR
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Description of event: Woody also talked to another security guard south of Molalla, Howard H., that watches over timber company equipment and such. Queried about Bigfoot, he cautiously, at first, told of many screams and calls near his trailer.

Surprisingly, he says he has seen two types of creatures. A shorter one that has startling blue eyes and reddish hair. A larger creature is more aggressive, and often stalks him. He said that he was of the opinion that the creatures could imitate animal sound, and even mentioned a cougar scream that once dragged off into a typical Bigfoot scream (what's typical?).

On the Clear Lake trail near Goat Mountain he was being followed, but could not see by what. He took a bite out of a balogna sandwich, and left it on a log. Later he returned and the sandwich was gone, but replaced by a chunk of tree bark. He said that there were places where trees had been twisted over at a height of 9-10 feet, and other places stacks of fir boughs were noted pointing in a certain direction. Other places there were stacks of mushrooms strangely piled up.

Most recently he noted tracks on the weekend of October 19-20 (no locality given). Woody plans to go back again and interview him in depth. He described one old logging road, now closed due to fallen timber, that would be an interesting trip for the WBS when there is snow on the ground. I think we'll take him up on it! Woody said Howard was fairly open, pointing in first one direction then another, describing things he had seen.

Source: The Track Record #62
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