Mt. Bikers smell bad smell in Molalla River area, have sighting file# 00042


Date:September , 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd




Description of event: 6/22, on my phone message answering machine (lot of family noises, voices and such, in the background): "Yes, my name is Tony C., and I'm from Oregon City. I hunt up in the Molalla hills (OR) (nothing in season except maybe, rabbits or varmints), and if you want the guy you could come get him...this is a serious phone call, so don't laugh...we took a shot at 'em, and I swear to God, there's a whole family of 'em, and if you want 'em, I'll show you right where they're at (never says Bigfoot). My phone number is..." 6/22 is a Saturday, tried repeatedly to get an answer at his number, and eventually turned it over to Peter Byrne, as I already had plans to go up to Lolo Pass on a prior report, to take some snaps for the newsletter...but it rained. Peter hasn't had any better luck than myself, checking in Monday, but he did talk briefly with a brother that didn't know anything about it (skepticals on please), but we'll keep working on it.

Steve Williams talked to Tony Cole. The incident occurred last bow hunting season, Sept. 1995. They were in the Wallis area, across the paper company bridge on the Molalla River Road (T6S R3W), and had driven to the gate. They were on mountain bikes when they came across a bad smell, like something dead. A 10-12 foot tall dark colored creature ran like a freight train through the brush. There was so much noise, that Tony thought there were several more of the creatures in the area. He hadn't actually taken a shot at the creature, but at a shadow. Later he told his boss of the incident, and he laughed at him. Some time after that, the boss said maybe he should report the incident, and he called me.

Source: The Track Record #58
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